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A Cosmopolitan Weekend in Singapore

By Isabel Leong 23 February 2021 No Comments This Island State, Singapore, is a haven for holidaymakers. Its otherworldly cityscape draws in tourists from all across the globe. Towering skyscrapers, urban forests and a skyline to rival just about any other city in the world, a visit to Singapore is like stepping into the future. If you’re the sort of traveller who enjoys nothing more than a cosmopolitan break, then here are some tips to get the very most out of your Singaporean adventure. Eat at Kin Singapore is not only famous for its futuristic cityscape, it’s also famous for its food. So, what better way to start your weekend than with some traditional Singaporean cuisine? Kin is chef Damian D’Silva’s homage to heritage cuisine. The flavours of Singapore are distinctly different from Japan and D’Silva has captured that with the menu here. Flavours from Malaysia, China, Eurasia and even India are represented in Singapore’s heritage, so expect a whirlwind on the palate. He has not been afraid to face head-on some of the flavours that were fading into history. The Pong Tauhu is a blissfully rich broth, dotted with the divine umami hit of pork, crab and prawn meatballs. The crab and bamboo shoots bring a subtle sweetness to the dish and marry perfectly with artisan-made tau cheo , a comforting and sticky yellow bean paste. If you can, choose a meal with drinks pairing, as the explanations of the drinks on offer is truly fascinating, far more than your average wine list. Look at Future Perfect Now that your stomach is sated, it’s time for some art. The art culture has been thriving in Singapore and since the 1990s it really has been a centre for contemporary arts. There are hundreds of galleries to choose from, and if you can then a walk around Gillman Barracks would be a day well spent. However, if you can visit only one gallery, then visit Future Perfect. This gallery has a particular focus on art from Southeast Asia and Australia. Devoting their gallery to artists from this part of the world is central to their mission to draw global attention to the incredible contemporary art in the Asian-Pacific region. Inside you’ll find a huge variety of artworks, from sculpture to painting, to photography and installations. If you’re new to the world of art, then some of the pieces will be challenging, but the range of different mediums means you’re almost certain to find a piece that really speaks to you. Play at Marina Bay Sands You couldn’t truly get the full Singapore experience without visiting one of the most stunning feats of architecture in the city. Marina Bay Sands is not only one of Singapore’s best-known landmarks, it’s also one of the most glamorous casinos in the world. Located directly beneath the Skypark, this casino is the perfect way to round off your evening. There are enormous gaming floors filled with hundreds of different table games, as well as more than two thousand slot machines. If you’re a beginner and want to brush up on your gameplay first, then there are lots of Singaporean online casinos which you can practice at. Learning how slot machines work, or the basics of roulette online can boost your confidence and make you feel right at home as soon as you step foot into the casino for real. Explore Gardens by the Bay Supertree Grove If you’re itching to experience the great outdoors the morning after your Marina Bay Sands adventure, then there’s no better place to do it than at Gardens by the Bay. This enormous garden is filled with futuristic metal trees, which appear to hum with life. The trees themselves are more than 50 metres tall and if you aren’t afraid of heights, wandering the treetop path will afford you views of the city beyond that are quite unlike any other. If you visit later in the evening then the solar cells on the trees will have collected enough energy to be able to light up the whole forest. If you have enough time during your stay, or you’re lucky enough to be on a permanent Singapore staycation , then it’s certainly worth visiting in the day and night to see the difference in mood. Don’t forget to visit a couple of ‘eco-pods’. These domes are filled with different natural phenomena and are a real wonder. The Cloud Forest, as the name suggests, is full of clouds and steamy like a rainforest, whilst the Flower Dome is bursting with vibrant petals. Next Post Common Travel Pictures - And How To Avoid Them

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