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Speech by Ambassador Li Ming
During a handing over ceremony
- The Embassy of the People’s Republic of China strongly condemns the recent riot in Honiara, which left Chinatown and other areas in ruins, resulting in huge property loss and social panic. Hundreds of Chinese families, including kids and women were homeless and displaced in distress. The Chinese Embassy extends sincere sympathies to affected Chinese community members. There is no excuse to justify the blatant damage to properties and lives
- At this difficult time, China stands firmly with Solomon Islands. We support the government and people of Solomon Islands to step violence, restore order and rebuild efforts. To this end China will offer assistance to the people of Solomon Islands to the best of its capability. On December 16, 2021 State Councilor and Foreign Minister of China H. E. Wang Hi had a fruitful telephone conversation with the Hon Foreign Minister Jeremiah Manele. Both Ministers agreed to continue to implement bilateral aid projects and wide areas of cooperation
- After the riot, many people in SI start to rethink and reflect. China similar experiences of war, riot and chaos in its history, especially bullies by western allies in early last century. For developing countries like China and Solomon Islands, all problems lead to one answer: Development. In Solomon Islands, the cake of development is not big enough for everyone to share. Some accusations against China-Solomon Islands relationship is obviously with political motivation, As the largest trading partner of Solomon Islands, China offers important development opportunities and can help SI make the cake grow bigger.
- Seeing is believing. In the past two years after diplomatic ties with China, people of Solomon Islands have witnessed tangible and fruitful benefits. The PG2023 Stadium built by China is in good progress. Another good news for students and young people in SI is the upcoming dormitory om SINU campus. The dormitory will provide new rooms and other facilities well-furnished for about 922 students and be used as athletes’ village for PG2023 Games before use by SINU. SinoPharm Vaccines are popularly welcomed in SI and people expect more to come. China’s assistance to rural villages has covered all 9 provinces, including Malaita, Guadalcanal, Western, Isabel, Choiseul, Temotu, Renbel, Central, Makira and the City of Honiara. For all projects and cooperation between provinces and SI, we always consult and brief the SI Government in advance. All 50 constituencies in SI have benefited from China’s assistance in the last two years, regardless of party affiliations. That includes ruling party, opposition parties and Independents. Priority of China aid in rural villages are on water treatment and sanitation
- Back to 100 years ago, China suffered from poverty, wars and disunity. But now China has found a right path to development and made huge achievements to erase poverty, and in all areas such as medical services, education, environmental protection. With bitter memories of the past and happy lives of today, the Chinese people know very well the value of peace, stability and sovereignty. Equality and respect are the fundamental principles of China’s foreign policy. We never interfere in other countries’ internal affairs. China aid projects SI are based on consultations between governments and we respect the needs of SI people.
- Some countries in the world use aid as a political tool to export their values and try to create division and chaos in recipient countries. China exports its value, although we consider our political and social value as the best for China. China never boasts itself as “beacon of democracy”, never issue “blank cheque”, never challenge other countries’ sovereignty. China does not need to prove itself right by smearing others and creating enemies. We firmly oppose the colonial mentality of arrogance and “Divide and Rule”. China fully shares the Pacific traditional wisdom of Friends to all, Enemy to none. The Pacific region is not a competition ground for other countries. Instead, the Pacific region become a flourishing garden with diversified cultures and sustainable development
- The steps of Christmas and New Year are coming near. After the riot and lawless behaviour, people should a few minutes to think. Think about the past and more importantly think about the future. In this regard, the media can and should play a critical role. As the largest newspaper in this country, it is sincerely hoped Solomon Star could continue to put interest of the country and its people first, serve and guide people to the right direction on the way ahead.


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