Must-Have Apps for Travelers in China

In order to get around Chinese internet censorship and access Google services, your usual social media platforms, and other common websites, you will need to use a VPN (virtual private network) app. There are a number of VPN providers, such as ExpressVPN, Surfshark, and Nord, Vypr. Opera also has a VPN service built into their web browser and VPN apps for iPhone and Android. But make sure to install one of these apps before you arrive in China. WeChat is probably the most essential app in China, it can be used to do almost everything. It’s the go-to app for messaging and social media. A great thing about WeChat is its ‘live location’ feature that allows you to send your live GPS location on a map so you and your friends can find each other if you are lost. With WeChat, you can buy a plane ticket, order food, and call a taxi. But one of the greatest things about WeChat for foreigners is the translation feature. If you need to communicate with a Chinese person but don’t know Chinese well, the messages sent via WeChat can be translated into Chinese and English. Some other helpful apps for travelers in China : Didi - for getting a taxi; Alipay - for making payments; Hack Chinese - to learn Chinese words needed for everyday situations and travel basics; Meituan - for shopping and food delivery; - for booking flights and hotel rooms. For newcomers, traveling in China may be challenging, but using the right apps can help enjoy your trip to China to the fullest. Sponsor Ads

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