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Isentia releases beauty trends study on 2017 China top beauty brands on digital media

All-round analysis and different levels of insights are vital for successful strategy planning

Isentia's China team recently released the “2017 Q2 China beauty trends study”. The report shows that during the second quarter of 2017 the organic buzz in the beauty sector in China's mainstream social media reached 48 million posts, 17% more than the first quarter, and the online discussion related to makeup/cosmetic products jumped four times compared with the previous quarter.

Social media has become one of the primary channels for consumers to obtain beauty and makeup information. According to NPD, 92% of makeup users get information on products from YouTube videos by online influencers. Social media marketing is the largest shift we have seen in the beauty industry in terms of driving growth. The trends study by Isentia ranked the digital presence of 51 well-known beauty brands by aggregating and filtering the organic buzz from China's major social media, including Weibo, Wechat, Q&A, blogs, forums, website and apps such as “The little Red Book” and summarized the most-recent five major skin care and makeup trends in China.

Beauty digital buzz ranking

L'Oreal and Estee Lauder are at the center of the China's beauty discussions that they were listed as number one and two in the ranking respectively.  The organic buzz of Estee Lauder is almost double of that of Kiehl's, which is at third place.  (Please view the full report for the 51 brands rank)

It's not hard to see that the result somehow reflects the brands' input in the Chinese digital marketing sector. Take L'Oreal as an example. Since 2015, the brand has been shifting its marketing focus to digital media. In 2016 the brand successfully conducted several promotion campaigns by embracing cutting edge digital marketing tactics, from cooperating with online influencers to applying live streaming and AI technologies.  (For more case studies please visit our Isentia blog section)

5 major makeup and skincare trends in China

The beauty trend 1: Pursing whitening, radiance, and glowing skin

Through the analysis we found that Chinese consumers do not only desire fair but also radiant and glowing skin. Watery glowing skin, girly skin and lustrous skin have become the hot key words used by consumers to describe their desired skin.

To promote products with hydrant and glowing effects, cosmetic brands are frequently using key words such as “Watery glowing skin” which means the skin is hydrated and full of radiance. The study reveals that in China, Estee Lauder (Micro Essence Infusion Mask) and YSL (Fusion Ink Encre de Peau Cushion Foundation, Touche Eclat Le Teint) are the brands that leverage the key words for product promotion and also receive high online discussions.

The beauty trends 2: Blurred lines between skincare and makeup

Adding skincare function into foundation is not a new concept. Since 2012, high-end makeup brands such as La Mer and Sisely's foundation products have been called “Skincare foundation” as their foundations have nourishing or replenishing properties. In 2017, “Serum/Essential oil foundation” and “Instant age rewind foundation” have become the new hot key words for foundation products.

Through buzz analysis we can see that the expectations of consumers for essential oil foundations are majorly focused on the radiance, smoothness and moisturizing effects. Currently the most discussed product is Armani “Maestro fusion makeup maquillage fusion”.

The beauty trends 3: Strong needs for shortcuts to daily beauty routines

In 2015, Su Yan Shuang (素颜霜), which is a combined product of makeup and skincare, caters to women who want the “fake bare face (伪素颜)” effect. It is a cream which modifies the skin color, improves skin texture and optimizes the skin's clarity while promoting inner radiance.

The online discussion on Su Yan Shuang during 2017 Q2 surged 15 times compared with the previous quarter. Below is the rank of the top products related to Su Yan Shuang.

The beauty trends 4: Matte as new makeup trend and hottest lipstick colors 

In 2017 Q2, the organic buzz volume on “matte makeup” soared by 16% compared to Q1. As opposed to shimmer, glow, or shiny makeup, matte makeup is a kind of makeup that creates non-greasy and natural look. It is void of any excess oils, and has more velvety finish that pulls light inward, often with a powdery texture.

Based on the analysis of consumer discussions on lipstick products, we can see the change of the trend. The top 3 hottest lipstick colors by Chinese neitizen's discussions in Q2 are matte, pink and red. Compared to the last quarter, colors such as “mermaid color” and “peach blossom red” that were popular due to the popular TV dramas are gradually diminished due to the finish of the show.

The beauty trends 5: Social media slang in beauty emerged as hot communication language

When online influencers and social media key accounts are reviewing beauty products, they like to use social media words or nick-names of the products. As more brands are tapping into social media marketing, they tend to use “beauty slangs” and adapt the similar tone of voice for content creation to better engage with their consumers online. Isentia beauty trend study lists the recent hottest beauty slang with explanations. For example, the hottest and commonly used word is "Zhong cao 种草" (plant weeds), which refers to product recommendation shared by KOL or netizens to stimulate the intention of purchasing. The most co-mentioned products with “Zhong cao” is lipstick, followed by eye and facial makeup, and then skin care products.

Another word “Kong Ping 空瓶” (empty bottle), which means use out the product, is often appears at the product evaluation related post. Many China beauty influencers are posting content with themes such as “Kong Ping Ji 空瓶记” (Summary of Empties) for product review content.

Renie Zhang, Isentia associate insight director, said, “by pinpointing and understanding the trendy hot key words, brands can adjust their social media listening plans accordingly to better identify consumers insight for business actions. Social media is rapidly changing the way beauty brands connect and communicate with consumers. The Chinese post-80s and 90s generations have become the core consumers of beauty products, and they are also active social media users. At least half of their purchase decisions are based on word of mouth, with social media having a major impact on their entire purchase journey. By understanding market trends, consumer presences, identify personas and influential promotion channels, brands can leverage social media analysis and obtain different levels of insights.

To download the full report, please visit: https://www.isentiawire.com/cn/whitepaper-beautytrendstudy

About Isentia
Isentia (ASX:ISD) is APAC's leading integrated Media Intelligence, Insights and Content Marketing business, empowering more than 5,000 clients in 12 countries to connect the dots between data and decisions. Isentia blends marking-leading monitoring experience with analytics to help the world's biggest brands uncover the whole picture – and act on it. Powered by cutting-edge technology and a team of world class experts, our mission is to help businesses leap forward where only genuine insight can take them. To find out more about how we inform better decisions, please visit www.isentia.com

Source: Isentia

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How Fast Are Venture Capitalists Moving To Cure China’s Ills?

China Money Network To Host China Healthcare Investor Forum 2017

Shanghai, China, September 14, 2017 /ChinaNewswire.com/ - China Money Network, a leading intelligence platform on China's private markets, is proud to host the China Healthcare Investor Forum 2017, which features prominent Chinese venture and private equity investors.

Top dealmakers from KPCB, CDH Investments, Lilly Asia Ventures and OrbiMed will gather on September 19 in Shanghai with Chinese healthcare investors and healthcare industry executives for an intimate and informative panel discussion on the opportunities and challenges facing one of the hottest investment sectors in the country.

"China Money Network's events are organized around one industry vertical and therefore brings together similar-minded investors and companies who can really share in-depth exchanges," said Nina Xiang, co-founder of China Money Network. "The China Healthcare Investor Forum 2017 will gather the country's best minds in healthcare investing and is a must-attend event for healthcare professionals."

Healthcare has without doubt been one of the hottest investment sectors in China over the past decade. From 2010 to 2016, venture capital and private equity investment deal volume and total deal value grew 33.7% and 89% annually on average, respectively.

With China being the world’s most populous nation, the addressable market is gigantic. The country’s healthcare industry is expected to reach RMB16 trillion (US$2.3 trillion) in size by 2030. In addition, China is well placed to lead in medical technology innovations. In the red-hot field of precision medicine, China could soon top other countries in terms of data collection and application. China also has the world’s largest healthcare mobile app operators.

China Healthcare Investor Forum 2017 will feature speakers including:

KPCB China: Managing Partner, James Huang
James Huang joined KPCB China as a managing partner in 2011 and focuses on the firm’s life sciences practice. Prior to joining KPCB China, James was a managing partner at Vivo Ventures, a venture capital firm specializing in life sciences investments. Before that, he was president of Anesiva a biopharmaceutical company focused on pain-management treatments.

OrbiMed: Daniel Zhou
Daniel Zhou joined OrbiMed as a director on the Asia team. Prior to joining OrbiMed, he worked as a vice president at WI Harper Group where he was responsible for healthcare investments in China. Previously, he was an assistant vice president at Balloch Group, helping Chinese medical companies to obtain financing from private equity firms.

CDH Investment: Partner, Lily Zhang
Lily Zhang joined CDH Investments in 2015 focused on healthcare industry investments. Previously, she worked as director of Business Development and Intelligence at GlaxoSmithKline (China) Investment, and business development manager of Asia Pacific at Johnson & Johnson, responsible for merger and acquisition deals in treatment sector.

Lilly Asia Ventures: Partner, Judith Li
Judith Li joined Lilly Asia Ventures in 2013 and focused on early and growth stage investments across biopharmaceuticals, medical devices, and diagnostics both domestically and cross-border. She holds board appointments at a variety of the firm’s portfolio companies including Nextcure, Crown Biosciences, Just Biotherapeutics, and Veritas Genetics. Her previous experience includes McKinsey’s New York office, hospital administration at Partners Healthcare, and co-founding an interventional nephrology medical device venture.

Raro Leow: [email protected]

More details here:


CHINA MONEY NETWORK is a leading intelligence platform for China's dynamic private markets. Driven by the most complete database of Chinese private investment funds, private companies, deals and top experts, China Money Network is the go-to source of information and intelligence for millions of Chinese and global investors. Started in 2011 as an investment podcast in Shanghai, we have evolved into a Hong Kong-headquartered independent company offering compelling services to institutions operating in China's rising private markets. For more information, please visit: www.ChinaMoneyNetwork.com and www.ZhongGuoJinRongTouZiWang.com.

Source: China Money Network

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BDMS sets up Alarm Center to provide 24/7 medical emergency assistance for foreign visitors in Thailand and its neighboring countries

Bangkok, Thailand, July 12, 2017 /ChinaNewswire.com/ - Thailand's first full-scale emergency center operated by a group of private hospitals, Bangkok Dusit Medical Services Public Co. Ltd. (BDMS), provides 360-degree of international standard healthcare services, which include medical evacuations; conditions assessment and treatment plan; hospitalization and treatment; coordination with assistance and international insurance providers; and worldwide repatriation.

Foreign visitors in Thailand can simply dial 1724 for Thailand domestic calls and no. +66-2-226-4565 or +662 BANGKOK for international calls from neighboring countries, to access BDMS' emergency medical assistance. The one-stop service center provides 24-hour English-speaking staff and on-call interpreters. With the network of 45 hospitals, of which BDMS Trauma Care Center at nine major hospitals carry Center of Excellence status, the network covers every corner of Thailand – including popular tourist destinations Chiang Mai, Pattaya, Phuket and Samui – and in Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam, and China.

The center offers 65 board-certified medical specialties for emergency situations, available for consultation 24/7, include Trauma surgery, Neurosurgery, Orthopedic surgery, Cardiothoracic surgery, Pediatric surgery, Travel medicine, Aviation medicine, Stroke, and many more.

The ethics-driven medical expertise and highly experienced Emergency/CCU teams are able to cope with complex disaster management on a mass scale, as well as timely and personalized response. Medical protocols include patient assessment, preparation, transportation, and treatment, are aided by close-at-hand communication channels on the ground in the provinces. Emergency evacuation will be dispatched as appropriate using BDMS' dedicated CAMTS*accredited ambulance fleet consisting of air, land or sea medical ambulances. Timely and effective patient case management is ensured via integrated digital and GPS network.


Note to editor:
*CAMTS: Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems

About BDMS:
BANGKOK DUSIT MEDICAL SERVICES Public Co., Ltd. (BDMS) is one of the most comprehensive hospital networks in Asia-Pacific. Boasting 14 JCI and 11 CCPC accreditations, BDMS delivers world-class care to an international clientele, providing top-tier services and facilities and skilled specialists in various fields. The unique BDMS network of 45 hospitals stretches across all of Thailand’s regions. The group currently owns and manages six major hospital brands: Bangkok Hospital, Samitivej Hospital, BNH Hospital, Phyathai Hospital, Paolo Hospital and the Royal Hospital. Our hospitals are located throughout Thailand, in all major cities, including Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket, Chiang Mai, and Samui, as well as two hospitals in Cambodia.

Centers of Excellence:
In order to serve emergency patients across Thailand plus the neighboring countries better, BDMS upgraded nine hospitals into Centers of Excellence (CoE) focusing on 5 key clinical areas, Trauma, Orthopedics, Cancer, Cardiology, and Neurology. Altogether they offer 65 board-certified medical specialists who are available for emergency consultation 24/7. The CoE status exemplifies the highest standards of medical care not only based on their state-of-the-art facilities and scope of medical specialties, but also on their academic excellence covering clinical studies, training, innovation and international affiliations. BDMS’s nine CoE and their city location are: Bangkok Hospital, Bangkok; Samitivej Sukhumvit Hospital, Bangkok; Samitivej Srinakarin Hospital, Bangkok; Phyathai 2 Hospital, Bangkok; Bangkok Hospital Phuket; Bangkok Hospital Pattaya; Bangkok Hospital Udon Thani; Bangkok Hospital Chiangmai; and Royal Phnom Penh Hospital, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Source: Bangkok Dusit Medical Services PCL.

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Koala Hill Providing Oxygen Enriched Australian Air To China


Adelaide, Australia, January 11, 2017 /ChinaNewswire.com/ - Since launching its online store a week ago, Koala Hill has been working overtime to fulfill orders from China for its bottled Pure Australian Air breathing products.

The South Australian-based company has taken exporting clean breathing air to a whole new level by offering innovative products with Oxygen Enriched Air.

29-year-old Australian social entrepreneur and founder of Koala Hill, Kyle Williams has a passion for China that started at a young age when he began learning Mandarin.

"I've always had an affinity with China's people and its culture, and this connection has lead me to wanting to share one of the best parts of Australia with them.

"Clean air is such an important part of staying healthy, and our aim is to provide relief to people living in areas with poor air quality. In fact, customers have already reported that the products have helped and they love them.

"I am humbled by the support our products have received in our first week, and now we're trying our best to keep up with demand," Mr Williams said.

Fitted with a moulded respirator the Koala Hill range are suitable for use by people of all ages and deliver controlled amounts of pure air with the simple press of a trigger.

Every product is quality tested and bears Koala Hill's golden seal of authenticity. Complete with premium packaging the products are suitable gifts for friends and family.

Koala Hill's range includes its Everyday Breathing Air, Health Breathing Air and Sports Breathing Air, with the latter two naturally enriched to an oxygen level of 38 percent.

"Normal air has 21 percent oxygen, however cities with poor air quality can have as little as 14-17 percent. Our Enriched Air contains 38 percent oxygen and is completely safe.

"With all our air certified to Australian Standards and processed at our modern facility in South Australia's pristine eucalypt forest, we are the Ferrari of fresh air."

Koala Hill products are currently available for purchase through their online store www.koala-hill.com.au and their official WeChat store @KOALAHILL.

Images and videos are available for download at www.koala-hill.com.au/media

Source: koalahill

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Bike Journey In Southern China Benefits Orbis Charity


Guangzhou, China, October 28, 2016 /ChinaNewswire.com/ - For Their Eyes Only charity ride has kicked off in China. Up to 20 riders from AccorHotels Greater China and partner organizations started the journey from Pullman Zhuhai this morning.

The team will ride 350 kilometers in the coming three and a half days with stops in counties of Heshan and Sihui and arrive at Sofitel Guangzhou Sunrich during noon time on Oct.31.

This charity campaign aims to support Stay for Brightness corporate social responsibility programme partnered between AccorHotels and Orbis in Greater China. The proceeds from the charity event will be donated to NGO Orbis to help subsidize the various projects to help children living in rural China to regain their eyesight.


About AccorHotels
AccorHotels is a world-leading travel & lifestyle group and digital innovator offering unique experiences in more than 4,000 hotels, resorts and residences, as well as in over 2,600 of the finest private homes around the globe. The group has been in China market for over 30 years and now has over 180 operating hotels in more than 70 cities in the region with portfolio including internationally renowned luxury brands as Raffles, Fairmont, Sofitel Legend, Sofitel, MGallery by Sofitel, Pullman and Swissôtel, midscale brands as Novotel and Mercure, popular economy brands including ibis and ibis Styles, as well as regional brands such as Grand Mercure and The Sebel, covering a full spectrum of markets.


About Orbis

Orbis is a nonprofit humanitarian organization that works in developing countries to save sight worldwide. Orbis prevents and treats blindness through hands-on training, public health education, improved access to quality eye care, and partnerships with local health care organizations in an effort to eliminate avoidable blindness. To learn more about Orbis, please visit www.orbis.org.


About Stay for Brightness

“Stay for Brightness” is a three-year corporate social responsibility (CSR) programme run between 2014 and 2016. Developed and launched by AccorHotels in Greater China in conjunction with Orbis, the programme aims to support Orbis to prevent avoidable blindness by building a comprehensive pediatric treatment network in Greater China for children in need of affordable quality eye care services and training facilities for ophthalmologist and specialist doctors through donations in cash and in kind.

Source: Accor Greater China

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Orbis Brightens the Darkness for Children in China With Charity Dinner


Hong Kong, China, September 27, 2016 /ChinaNewswire.com/ - AccorHotels supported the Orbis Darkness To Go charity dinner in Hong Kong on September 25. For the second year in succession, the group's properties in Hong Kong joined forces in supporting this very successful event. The participating hotels were The Park Lane Hong Kong, a Pullman Hotel, Novotel Hong Kong Century, Novotel Hong Kong Citygate, Novotel Hong Kong Nathan Road Kowloon, ibis Hong Kong Central & Sheung Wan and ibis Hong Kong North Point.

This very special theme event took place at Novotel Hong Kong Century. More than 200 guests attended and the evening raised over HK$180,000 for charity.

This dinner offered participants the unusual experience of relying on only four of their five senses – sound, taste, touch and smell – as their eyes were blindfolded throughout the meal. The aim of the event was to do more than fundraising as it was also intended to help participants reach a better understanding of the challenges faced by the visually-impaired.

“This is a doubly meaningful event,” said Michel Molliet, Chief Operating Officer, AccorHotels Greater China.  “I am sure that the evening has given us all a greater awareness of the daily challenges facing the visually-impaired. We have enjoyed a novel and thought provoking experience in addition to the highly satisfying fund raising aspect of the evening. I'd like to thank everyone involved in making this event such a success. Our collaboration with Orbis is part of AccorHotels' long-standing commitment to give back to local communities.”

“This is our fourth Darkness to Go dinner. With the launch of the third generation Flying Eye Hospital (FEH), we believe the more enhanced medical and communication capabilities of this new Flying Eye Hospital will enable us to create better futures for the visually impaired. In addition to that, we have kick-started its first sight-saving mission in Shenyang, China in September. ” said Mary Lau, Orbis Director of Development, China and Hong Kong. “I would like to grasp this opportunity to express my very special thanks to AccorHotels and its properties in Hong Kong for their generous sponsorship on the event for joining us to eliminate avoidable blindness.”

The Darkness to Go dinner was part of the group's continuing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme aimed at preventing avoidable blindness among children in rural China.

Since June 2014 AccorHotels and Orbis have collaborated in Stay for Brightness CSR programme. Designed and implemented with the aim of developing comprehensive eye care for children, this programme helps to make high quality ophthalmological services accessible and affordable for disadvantaged children.

Source: Accor Greater China

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New Generation of Orbis Flying Eye Hospital Launches in China


Shanghai, China, September 8, 2016 /ChinaNewswire.com/ - AccorHotels has shown its support for the recent launch of the new Orbis Flying Eye Hospital, the world’s only accredited teaching hospital aboard an MD-10 aircraft, in Shenyang, China. The recent arrival of the third-generation of Flying Eye Hospital in the Liaoning province aims to provide eye care professionals with an intensive three-week regional ophthalmic training in Shenyang. Hosted by He University Eye Hospital (HUEH), a leading eye hospital in Shenyang, the programme will strengthen the hospital’s capacity to deliver subspecialized eye care services, while creating well-functioning training models (i.e. train-the-trainers) for its residents.

Orbis will conduct a series of events and symposia with HUEH and international speakers from September 5 to 23, 2016 in Sofitel Shenyang Lido. The hotel is also the venue sponsor for its opening ceremony on September 6 and will be supporting the various activities organised by Orbis and their hospital partners during the three-week event.

This support is part of the Stay for Brightness three-year corporate social responsibility (CSR) programme launched by AccorHotels in partnership with Orbis since 2014 with the aims to educate the community on preventive eye diseases and blindness in rural China.

“AccorHotels is delighted to work closely with the various programme launches on eye care services provided by Orbis to better educate and facilitate the needs of the rural communities in Greater China,” said Michel Molliet, COO, AccorHotels Greater China. “This reinforces our long-term commitment for CSR in giving back to the local communities. It is great to be part of this project to play a meaningful role in raising awareness in preventable blindness.”

This year, AccorHotels continues its support for the Stay for Brightness programme in partnership with Orbis to build a comprehensive pediatric treatment network in Greater China for children in need of affordable quality eye care services and training facilities for ophthalmologist and specialist doctors through donations in cash and in kind.

For the remaining quarter of the programme, a number of fund-raising campaigns are already in place to include the “Darkness To Go” blackout charity dinner in Hong Kong that will take place later this month and a larger scale charity bike ride event “For Their Eyes Only” to take place in October this year.

“We deeply appreciate the sponsorship of AccorHotels Greater China to the first MD-10 Flying Eye Hospital programme in Shenyang, as well as the Stay for Brightness project,” said George Smith, Director of Orbis North Asia. “With their generous support we are able to continue our blindness prevention works in China.”

Source: Accor Greater China

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The Westin Bund Center Shanghai receives ‘Outside Catering Service Certificate’ from Shanghai Food and Drug Administration


Shanghai, China, June 28, 2016 /ChinaNewswire.com/ - The Westin Bund Center Shanghai recently announced that the hotel has officially received its Outside Catering Service Certificate by Shanghai Food and Drug Administration on 7th June, 2016.  The hotel is the city's first five-star hotel in HuangPu district, Shanghai to receive this certificate.

“With our purpose built, state of the art newly constructed outside catering kitchen and combined with our extensive experience in high quality food offerings and service, we are proud to be one of only a handful of 5-star international hotels in Shanghai that has now received the Outside Catering Service Certificate,” said Greg Findlay, general manager of The Westin Bund Center Shanghai.  “This certification allows us to provide unparalleled high-end outside catering service for  corporate or  private events anytime, anywhere, but importantly according to the strict local hygiene policy,” he added.

About the hotel's certification for outside catering services

From food production, delivery to final service on site, The Westin Bund Center Shanghai adheres to strict hygiene policy set by Shanghai Food and Drug Administration. A custom built and advanced kitchen facility for outside catering and high standards and strict control when purchasing materials and food processing provide guarantees of food safety in production. A mobile food delivery truck with refrigeration ensures food safety during delivery. Attendants on site are well-trained and in strict compliance with food handling procedures to ensure food safety and equipment sanitation.

Additionally, one independent laboratory has been set up for food sample retention, testing and recording to provide data support and analysis to ensure world class food safety standards are maintained.


About The Hotel

Just a stroll away is the magnificent Bund architectural site and waterfront. Yu garden, a 400-year-old classical Chinese garden and the popular pedestrian shopping precinct on Nanjing Road are also within short walking distance. Lujiazhui Financial District is a mere 10-minute taxi ride away. Guests will be delighted on arrival with the grand atrium lobby featuring a striking cantilevered glass staircase inlaid with delicate rice paper and beautiful soft-glow lighting. With 570 tastefully-decorated guest rooms and suites offered in two towers, other services and facilities include restaurants serving Asian, Italian and international favorites and the city’s famous Sunday Brunch, a Westin Workout fitness centre with indoor swimming pool and the Banyan Tree Spa.

The Westin Bund Center Shanghai is located at 88 Henan Central Road, Shanghai 200002, China.

Source: Westin Bund Center Shanghai

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AccorHotels In China And Around The World Rolls Out Best Way To Get Accomodations


Shanghai, China, June 16, 2016 /ChinaNewswire.com/ - The accommodation sale that everyone has been waiting for is back, with AccorHotels annual Super Sale offering discounts of up to 40% off plus free breakfast at more than 2,600 hotels and resorts across five continents, including more than 500 in Asia Pacific. Whether you’re seeing the world’s wonders for the first time, extending your business trip into a personal getaway, travelling for the purpose of bonding with friends or going on a solo retreat, this is the best time to book.

Enjoy up to 40% off plus free breakfast for members of Accor Plus or 30% off plus free breakfast for Le Club AccorHotels’ members and the general public with the Accorhotels SuperSale. Bookings must be made directly at www.accorhotels.com and with rates from as little as US20 per room night, there is almost no excuse not to book yourself a getaway.

The sale applies to selected hotels across AccorHotels’ Sofitel, Pullman, MGallery by Sofitel, Grand Mercure, The Sebel, Novotel, Suite Novotel, Mercure, ibis, ibis styles and ibis budget hotels worldwide.

From wellness travel or adventure to food and wine getaways, the Super Sale means you will save enough to really treat yourself in your favourite destinations across the world.

Bookings can be made online from 13 to 24 June for members of Accor Plus and Le Club AccorHotels from 15 to 24 June as well as the general public from 20 to 24 June, for stays between 8 July and 30 October 2016.

To take advantage of the best deals, join AccorHotels’ loyalty program – Le Club AccorHotels – today.  Membership is simple and free of charge – visit www.accorhotels.com/leclub and start earning points towards future hotel stays and other great rewards including advance access to future Super Sales.

Reservations are subject to availability and conditions apply. Visit www.accorhotels.com for your perfect getaway.

Source: Accor Greater China

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Introducing So Sofitel Hua Hin: An Imaginative Escape In An Iconic Thai Destination


Shanghai, China, May 27, 2016 /ChinaNewswire.com/ - AccorHotels Luxury & Upscale brands proudly open the new 77-room SO Sofitel Hua Hin in Thailand, the first SO Sofitel resort in Asia Pacific. SO Sofitel Hua Hin’s ‘Imaginative Escape’ concept combines the destination’s beachside style and the resort’s soul.

Hua Hin has long been known as an aristocratic retreat – making it the perfect destination for luxury accommodation with a sense of refinement and a nostalgic seaside charm. Conveniently located just a two-and-a-half-hour drive from Bangkok, SO Sofitel Hua Hin will especially appeal to design enthusiasts and trendsetters hoping to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. The resort also features private access to Cha-am beach.

“SO Sofitel Hua Hin acknowledges the growing market of travellers, particularly in Thailand and within Asia, who seek a fun- and design-led atmosphere with a distinct style and attitude,” said Patrick Basset, Chief Operating Officer for AccorHotels, Upper Southeast and Northeast Asia. “There is an opportunity to create a fresh, vibrant scene in Hua Hin, and the perfect catalyst is the SO Sofitel brand, which is known for its progressive design, modern technology, surprising happenings and social experience.”

Energetic, social and bursting with character, SO Sofitel playfully combines sophisticated French elegance with the dynamic style of each hotel’s locale. Each SO Sofitel is an avant-garde masterpiece inspired by and featuring the work of a signature fashion designer: Kenzō Takada at SO Sofitel Mauritius, Karl Lagerfeld at SO Sofitel Singapore and Mister Christian Lacroix at SO Sofitel Bangkok. Since opening in 2012, SO Sofitel Bangkok has become a marquee destination for international travellers and locals alike, drawn to the urban hotel’s stunning design, beautiful views and stylish restaurants and bars. Following such success, SO Sofitel Hua Hin is poised to become the next sought-after resort destination.

The resort benefits from the creative signature of fashion designer Polpat Asavaprapha, the founder and creative director of ASAVA, a brand that reinterprets classic timeless style for the modern woman. Prior to creating his own brand, the Thai designer and fashion icon gained a wealth of experience working for names such as Marc Jacobs, Isaac Mizrahi and Max Mara, and serves as President of the Bangkok Fashion Society. Guests will notice the designer’s pronounced playfulness and attention to detail throughout the property in his signature sophisticated urban artwork as well as the SO Sofitel Hua Hin uniforms and emblem “The Butterfly Effect”.

Award-winning Thai architect Duangrit Bunnag created the resort’s original bold structure, featuring an interwoven maze of open courtyards and private pathways. The property’s geometric lines and solid shapes, softened by a palette of naturally aged woods that blend with the beauty of the surrounding nature, create an environment of contemporary tranquillity.

Painting the canvas is Donatien Carratier, who brings to the new resort over 20 years of design experience in Asia. The forward-thinking interior designer, who focuses on luxury projects that demand iconic styling, is famed for creating deeply resonant environments in which vivid dreams blur with reality. Drawing inspiration from the Grand Gallerie de l’Evolution natural history museum in Paris, he is the visionary behind SO Sofitel Hua Hin’s ‘Evolution of Life’ theme, which begins with friendly animal statues that greet guests on arrival and proceeds to wild animal sculptures around the reflecting pond and rabbits hiding throughout the resort, literally putting a whimsical surprise around every corner.

For the private spaces, Donatien developed two vibrant room styles: SO Nature and SO Arty.

SO Nature rooms are a mix of simple natural elements and lavish French refinement, providing a relaxing environment that is in line with Mother Nature, showcasing the acclaimed photographs of New Zealand environmental artist Martin Hill.

The elegant SO Arty rooms blend the sophistication of the past with chic, contemporary design. These rooms offer an atmosphere of dreamlike luxury, featuring the award-winning work of American photographer Lois Greenfield, known for her distinct approach to capturing the human form in motion.

The resort presents a guest experience with a mix of pleasure, style and soul and brings to Hua Hin three innovative food and beverage outlets destined to spark the local scene:

Designed around its eponymous white oven, White Oven restaurant serves authentic Thai cuisine exquisitely revisited to showcase the gifts of the garden, the sea, and the artistry of the chefs.

HI-SO, the picturesque and panoramic rooftop bar is a place to chill, socialise and Instagram photos of the magnificent view while sipping cocktails crafted by a master mixologist.

Within steps of the ocean, the playful and lively Beach Society serves à la carte beachside bites for a lazy day and seafood BBQs – all superbly crafted from the finest and freshest local ingredients. Complete with stunning sea views, this is the venue for not-to-be-missed beach parties and the new place in town to see and be seen.

For guest wellness, the resort offers SO SPA and SO FIT, as well as two pools – the adults-only Solarium Pool and family-friendly SO Pool.
The SO Ballroom is equipped with cutting-edge audio-visual equipment and integrated smart solutions for business meetings and company outings, as well as lavish galas and weddings for up to 150 guests.

Each of the 77 rooms including six SO pool villas features flat-screen TVs with interactive DirectStreams programming, a Mac Mini from Apple, and complimentary local goodies and drinks.
Last, the art Galerie will feature exhibitions from local and international talent, focusing particularly on up-and-coming artists. The exhibitions rotate every three months and offer guests a quiet moment to appreciate art.

SO Sofitel, AccorHotels’ sparkling brand, offers international travelers and cosmopolitan residents the ultimate blend of French audacity and local color.

SO Sofitel’s hallmark sociability and epicureanism, as well as its youthful dynamism and cosmopolitan identity, attract eclectic, festive guests. In Bangkok, Singapore, Mauritius and Hua Hin, SO Sofitel offers a unique experience, with its unmistakable avant-garde designs, state-of-the-art technology and amazing events.

AccorHotels, the world’s leading hotel operator, has nearly 3,900 hotels and over 190,000 employees in 92 countries.

Source: Accor Greater China

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