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Humaniq releases brand new version of popular App

London, England, March 8, 2018 /ChinaNewswire.com/ - London-based FinTech firm Humaniq is marking the milestone of its app reaching its first 50,000 downloads by announcing a new, improved version.

Humaniq announced a Free Secure Chat & Crypto-Wallet App and a new referral program for its community of users. The Humaniq app includes a wallet, bioID, secure messenger and the unbanked can use it for making digital ID and peer-to-peer transactions in African countries (including Uganda, Senegal, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, and Rwanda).

The new features include:

New referral program
With Humaniq's  egalitarian emission approach, a large proportion of the HMQ crypto coin is reserved for active app users. A referral program has showed a very positive adoption curve from users, with more than 10,000 users together inviting more than 75,000 thousand friends in total to join the application. Humaniq's new 2.0 referral program  will build on this by displaying community progress with referrals and thereby make the  referral process more transparent and intuitive for all users.

Transaction options extension
Transactions can now be made via the messenging chat system. The principle the Humaniq app is grounded in- is that everything should revolve around humans coming together to build community. That is why an ability to communicate is crucial. The Humaniq team have introduced transactions into personal chats to focus on the communication between people. Whether it is a text, or an image or a gift in HMQ – it is now all in one place.

In addition,  users  are now allowed not only to send HMQ, but also to request directly from their friends or family. The Humaniq team believes that an ability to request a desired amount is a more efficient and faster way to communicate financially. This feature is available for all users that have access to the wallet, and is also secured by our enhanced anti-fraud system. Users can also enjoy  a new way of grouping transactions as  a smarter way to organise personal communication. From now on, users will be able to clearly focus either on the financial history or on the correspondence with a specified friend  by staying in the unified chat room. While text and media messages will be group based on the timing, financial transactions will be grouped by type and action type.

New on-boarding process
The Humaniq team redesigned the on-boarding process to make it clearer and easier for inexperienced smartphone users. The close collaboration with Humaniq's ambassadors in African nations led to the  creation of an on-boarding process that adapts to the needs of customers, whereas the purpose remains the same: to explain what features are available, how to use them and how to benefit from their use.

New registration process
A new registration process allows users to start interacting with a Humaniq assistant bot, which becomes  smarter and is learning to execute more useful commands, even without the registration. Unlike conventional applications where a user has to specify required personal credentials in order to get access to a given  functionality, the Humaniq team would like to let users choose what functionality is needed, and how to access it.

Optional passcode and new security standards
Humaniq App security standards have also been reconsidered and will allow users to opt-out from a required passcode. There is, therefore, also an AI powered system to decide when an additional biometric verification is required to eliminate the risk of  of unauthorised transactions.

"The Humaniq's team of ambassadors in Africa received and analysed feedback from users, and with this data it was possible to create such  significant updates. We hope our users will appreciate all the innovations and we will move even further towards our goal to empower the unbanked" – said Anton Mozgovoy, CTO Humaniq.

The Humaniq team has also made additional upgrades to remote infrastructure and with new CDN points, users in Africa will experience a faster by 16% response rate from mobile application which is already available in Google Play and can be used even on low-end mobile devices with Android 4.0.3.

Humaniq is a London-based Fintech firm that provides next generation financial services using its Blockchain-based mobile application targeted at the unbanked and underprivileged in emerging economies globally. Humaniq is focused on worldwide financial inclusion by providing access to global markets, greater opportunities, and novel financial solutions using repurposed technologies for those gaining exposure to financial services for the first time.

Media contact
Alex Fork Office
[email protected]

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China Mobile Research Institute Enlists VIAVI to Support Introduction of 5G Service

San Jose, CA, February 12, 2018 /ChinaNewswire.com/ - VIAVI Solutions (NASDAQ: VIAV) today announced a collaboration with China Mobile Communications Corporation (CMCC) to introduce 5G service in China by the end of 2019. VIAVI is a preferred vendor of China Mobile, supporting their specific technologies and aggressive roadmap with advanced test solutions. VIAVI will provide test and measurement hardware and software for China Mobile and several equipment manufacturers to support development of Slicing Packet Network (SPN) with FlexE interface, the technology the carrier is positioning for 5G transport.

Based on extensive analysis of 5G transport network requirements, CMCC has determined that Slicing Packet Network (SPN) is an optimal technology to support next-generation architecture, bandwidth, traffic model, network slicing, latency and time synchronization. Flexible Ethernet or FlexE is used in conjunction with SPN to create smaller Ethernet channels from a larger one, or vice versa, to guarantee quality of service (QoS) and isolation between slices at the transport layer. CMCC has requested that the ITU undertake standardization of SPN. VIAVI is committing to support CMCC by delivering an SPN test platform, establishing a common foundation for network equipment manufacturers, chip developers and transceiver vendors to validate products based on this technology.

In January 2018, Madam Yang Zhiqiang, Deputy General Manager of China Mobile Research Institute (CMRI) welcomed Oleg Khaykin, President and Chief Executive Officer, and Tom Fawcett, Vice President and General Manager, Lab & Production Business Unit, VIAVI Solutions, to her offices for strategic meetings on 5G planning. The CMRI is a technical organization within the CMCC group and is responsible for new technology research, standardization, and qualification of infrastructure equipment-including testing protocols.

"VIAVI has been honored to collaborate with China Mobile on analyzing 5G network scenarios and proposing technology strategy," said Khaykin. "In order to realize China Mobile's vision of introducing 5G service by the end of 2019, principal technologies including SPN for transport must be standardized by the ITU-T. We have advanced our test technology to meet this objective, and our solutions are ready to support the China Mobile ecosystem of partners to deliver interoperable network infrastructure."

About VIAVI Solutions
VIAVI (NASDAQ: VIAV) is a global provider of network test, monitoring and assurance solutions to communications service providers, enterprises and their ecosystems, supported by a worldwide channel community including VIAVI Velocity Solution Partners. We deliver end-to-end visibility across physical, virtual and hybrid networks, enabling customers to optimize connectivity, quality of experience and profitability. VIAVI is also a leader in high performance thin film optical coatings, providing light management solutions to anti-counterfeiting, consumer electronics, automotive, defense and instrumentation markets. Learn more about VIAVI at www.viavisolutions.com. Follow us on VIAVI Perspectives, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook.


US Media Inquiries:
Sonus PR for VIAVI Solutions
Micah Warren
+1 (609) 247-6525
[email protected]

EMEA Media Inquiries:
Sonus PR for VIAVI Solutions
Chevaan Seresinhe
+44 20 3751 0330
[email protected]

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Isentia releases beauty trends study on 2017 China top beauty brands on digital media

All-round analysis and different levels of insights are vital for successful strategy planning

Isentia's China team recently released the “2017 Q2 China beauty trends study”. The report shows that during the second quarter of 2017 the organic buzz in the beauty sector in China's mainstream social media reached 48 million posts, 17% more than the first quarter, and the online discussion related to makeup/cosmetic products jumped four times compared with the previous quarter.

Social media has become one of the primary channels for consumers to obtain beauty and makeup information. According to NPD, 92% of makeup users get information on products from YouTube videos by online influencers. Social media marketing is the largest shift we have seen in the beauty industry in terms of driving growth. The trends study by Isentia ranked the digital presence of 51 well-known beauty brands by aggregating and filtering the organic buzz from China's major social media, including Weibo, Wechat, Q&A, blogs, forums, website and apps such as “The little Red Book” and summarized the most-recent five major skin care and makeup trends in China.

Beauty digital buzz ranking

L'Oreal and Estee Lauder are at the center of the China's beauty discussions that they were listed as number one and two in the ranking respectively.  The organic buzz of Estee Lauder is almost double of that of Kiehl's, which is at third place.  (Please view the full report for the 51 brands rank)

It's not hard to see that the result somehow reflects the brands' input in the Chinese digital marketing sector. Take L'Oreal as an example. Since 2015, the brand has been shifting its marketing focus to digital media. In 2016 the brand successfully conducted several promotion campaigns by embracing cutting edge digital marketing tactics, from cooperating with online influencers to applying live streaming and AI technologies.  (For more case studies please visit our Isentia blog section)

5 major makeup and skincare trends in China

The beauty trend 1: Pursing whitening, radiance, and glowing skin

Through the analysis we found that Chinese consumers do not only desire fair but also radiant and glowing skin. Watery glowing skin, girly skin and lustrous skin have become the hot key words used by consumers to describe their desired skin.

To promote products with hydrant and glowing effects, cosmetic brands are frequently using key words such as “Watery glowing skin” which means the skin is hydrated and full of radiance. The study reveals that in China, Estee Lauder (Micro Essence Infusion Mask) and YSL (Fusion Ink Encre de Peau Cushion Foundation, Touche Eclat Le Teint) are the brands that leverage the key words for product promotion and also receive high online discussions.

The beauty trends 2: Blurred lines between skincare and makeup

Adding skincare function into foundation is not a new concept. Since 2012, high-end makeup brands such as La Mer and Sisely's foundation products have been called “Skincare foundation” as their foundations have nourishing or replenishing properties. In 2017, “Serum/Essential oil foundation” and “Instant age rewind foundation” have become the new hot key words for foundation products.

Through buzz analysis we can see that the expectations of consumers for essential oil foundations are majorly focused on the radiance, smoothness and moisturizing effects. Currently the most discussed product is Armani “Maestro fusion makeup maquillage fusion”.

The beauty trends 3: Strong needs for shortcuts to daily beauty routines

In 2015, Su Yan Shuang (素颜霜), which is a combined product of makeup and skincare, caters to women who want the “fake bare face (伪素颜)” effect. It is a cream which modifies the skin color, improves skin texture and optimizes the skin's clarity while promoting inner radiance.

The online discussion on Su Yan Shuang during 2017 Q2 surged 15 times compared with the previous quarter. Below is the rank of the top products related to Su Yan Shuang.

The beauty trends 4: Matte as new makeup trend and hottest lipstick colors 

In 2017 Q2, the organic buzz volume on “matte makeup” soared by 16% compared to Q1. As opposed to shimmer, glow, or shiny makeup, matte makeup is a kind of makeup that creates non-greasy and natural look. It is void of any excess oils, and has more velvety finish that pulls light inward, often with a powdery texture.

Based on the analysis of consumer discussions on lipstick products, we can see the change of the trend. The top 3 hottest lipstick colors by Chinese neitizen's discussions in Q2 are matte, pink and red. Compared to the last quarter, colors such as “mermaid color” and “peach blossom red” that were popular due to the popular TV dramas are gradually diminished due to the finish of the show.

The beauty trends 5: Social media slang in beauty emerged as hot communication language

When online influencers and social media key accounts are reviewing beauty products, they like to use social media words or nick-names of the products. As more brands are tapping into social media marketing, they tend to use “beauty slangs” and adapt the similar tone of voice for content creation to better engage with their consumers online. Isentia beauty trend study lists the recent hottest beauty slang with explanations. For example, the hottest and commonly used word is "Zhong cao 种草" (plant weeds), which refers to product recommendation shared by KOL or netizens to stimulate the intention of purchasing. The most co-mentioned products with “Zhong cao” is lipstick, followed by eye and facial makeup, and then skin care products.

Another word “Kong Ping 空瓶” (empty bottle), which means use out the product, is often appears at the product evaluation related post. Many China beauty influencers are posting content with themes such as “Kong Ping Ji 空瓶记” (Summary of Empties) for product review content.

Renie Zhang, Isentia associate insight director, said, “by pinpointing and understanding the trendy hot key words, brands can adjust their social media listening plans accordingly to better identify consumers insight for business actions. Social media is rapidly changing the way beauty brands connect and communicate with consumers. The Chinese post-80s and 90s generations have become the core consumers of beauty products, and they are also active social media users. At least half of their purchase decisions are based on word of mouth, with social media having a major impact on their entire purchase journey. By understanding market trends, consumer presences, identify personas and influential promotion channels, brands can leverage social media analysis and obtain different levels of insights.

To download the full report, please visit: https://www.isentiawire.com/cn/whitepaper-beautytrendstudy

About Isentia
Isentia (ASX:ISD) is APAC's leading integrated Media Intelligence, Insights and Content Marketing business, empowering more than 5,000 clients in 12 countries to connect the dots between data and decisions. Isentia blends marking-leading monitoring experience with analytics to help the world's biggest brands uncover the whole picture – and act on it. Powered by cutting-edge technology and a team of world class experts, our mission is to help businesses leap forward where only genuine insight can take them. To find out more about how we inform better decisions, please visit www.isentia.com

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China Money Network Announces Accomplished Publisher Naveet McMahon Has Joined The Fast-Growing Tech Company As Managing Partner

With nearly 20 years of Greater China media experience, Ms. McMahon is a highly respected executive in the media and tech sector.

Hong Kong, China, October 26, 2017 /ChinaNewswire.com/ - Nina Xiang, Managing Editor and Founder of China Money Network Limited, the artificial intelligence (AI)-powered platform tracking China’s smart investments and technology innovation, today announced an important new addition to the company's founding team.

Naveet McMahon, will be joining CMN as managing partner and part of the company's founding team, with effect from October 26, 2017. She will play a leading role in CMN’s overall business development strategy and accelerate the company's expanding presence globally, with the aim to making CMN the go-to source for cross-border investment opportunities in China using its bilingual data intelligence.

”We are extremely pleased to welcome Naveet McMahon on board given her reputation and experience doing business within the Asia Pacific region," says Nina Xiang, founder and managing editor of CMN. "With Naveet's extensive knowledge in the financial and data intelligence industry, we are confident that she is the right person to lead CMN to new heights."

Before joining CMN, Ms. McMahon was the Publisher and Director of Sales, Asia-Pacific at Remark, the market research and events division of Acuris, formerly Mergermarket Group. Prior to that, she held management roles at both FinanceAsia under the Haymarket Group and Euroweek at Euromoney Institutional Investor based in Hong Kong.

Commenting on the move, Ms. McMahon says: "I'm looking forward to working closely with the CMN team of experts to develop new products and manage a new-generation information portal powered by the latest cutting-edge AI technology. By leveraging my experience in financial bespoke research and marketing strategies in Asia Pacific, I believe we can offer unparalleled innovative solutions, ahead of other data sources."

At the same time, CMN announces that the company has expanded their team of advisors consisting of some of the industries top experts from the region. They include: Trevor Rowe, AO, Chairman (formerly Executive Chairman) of Rothschild Australia Limited; Fritz Demopoulos, co-founder of Chinese online travel search engine Qunar.com; and Andrew Toeh, founder of Chinese venture capital firm Ameba Capital.


Founded in 2011, CMN connects the data points to give investors the tools to execute deals in China and beyond. By tracking forward-looking private equity, venture capital and technology innovation we deliver immediately usable data.

CMN's core products include bilingual platforms www.chinamoneynetwork.com and www.zhongguojinrongtouziwang.com, innovative databank on China's cross-border deal, private equity, venture capital and technology innovation. Other services include: customized market research, podcasts, videos, rankings, awards and bespoke events.

CMN is headquartered in Hong Kong and operates from offices in Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Hangzhou and Los Angeles. We are an independent business owned by our founding team and employees.

Source: China Money Network

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Artificial Intelligence Experts Converge On Shanghai Next Week

Join leading AI scientists, CEOs and investors from Gobi Partners, WorkFusion, and Xiaoi Robot for an insiders' panel discussion and open Q&A

Shanghai, China, August 29, 2017 /ChinaNewswire.com/ - The artificial intelligence revolution has begun. PwC estimates that thirty-eight percent of jobs in the U.S. are at high risk of being replaced by robots and AI within 15 years. Prominent Chinese AI investor Dr. Kai-Fu Lee predicts half the jobs in the world could be replaced by AI in ten years time.

So organizations should start preparing now for the arrival of the AI workforce which promises to disrupt companies big and small. Properly implemented, AI will improve efficiency, generate higher margins and enable those that have a smart AI strategy to outsmart those that don't.

To address these and other questions, China Money Network is proud to host The AI Evolution Series: Prepping For The AI Workforce. Register now to join leading AI scientists, CEOs and investors from Gobi Partners, WorkFusion, and Xiaoi Robot for an insiders' panel discussion and open Q&A. Enjoy networking with other attendees of business executives and AI experts.

Only limited seats available. Register now to secure your chance to listen to the insiders.  More information here:

Date: Monday, Sep 4, 2017
Time: 17:00-19:00
Location: Naked Hub, 3/F, 380 Huangpi Nan Lu, Huangpu District, Shanghai
Language: English

Gobi Partners: Ken Xu
Ken is the managing partner of Gobi Partners, a Chinese venture capital firm focused on information technology, telecom, media and technology (TMT) and digital media industries. His work on the investment side covers areas such as wireless applications, location-based services (LBS), mobile SNS, and cloud computing. He also has extensive experience in multiple industries, including information technology (IT), financial services, real estate, and construction.

WorkFusion: Max Yankelevich
Max is the founder and CEO of WorkFusion, an AI company helping financial services and other big corporations to replace white-collar office workers with AI systems.  New York-based WorkFusion has raised US$75 million in venture funding, and has helped corporations save millions by deploying AI tech to take over repetitive back office work.  Max attended MIT where he studied computer science and mathematics.

Xiaoi Robot: Yiya Xu
Yiya is the senior VP at Xiaoi Robot, a Chinese AI company listed on the New Third Board. Xiaoi Robot helps giant Chinese corporations including China Telecom, China Unicom, and Bank of China replace human staff at their call centers, in addition to provide other AI solutions. Before joining Xiaoi Robot in 2010, Yiya worked at Microsoft China and Apple China.

China Money Network: Nina Xiang
Nina is the co-founder of China Money Network, the leading information platform for China's VC and tech markets.  Before co-founding CMN, Nina worked at Bloomberg BusinessWeek and Institutional Investor magazine, in addition to serving as part-time correspondent for China Business Network and China Radio International.

17:00-17:15: Guests check-in
17:15-17:20: Introduction and Welcome remarks
17:20-18:10 Panel discussion
18:10-18:30: Open Q & A
18:30-19:00: Networking

– How fast will the AI workforce arrive at your company's office?
– How should companies and professionals prepare for the arrival of the AI workforce?
– How to come up with a well-thought-out AI strategy?
– What are the challenges in implement an AI plan, and how to overcome them?

Raro Leow
Business Development Associate
China Money Network
[email protected]

Source: China Money Network

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REcoin Group is launching REcoin – the first ever cryptocurrency that is backed by real

REcoin Group and its founder, real estate guru Maksim Zaslavskiy, are extremely pleased to announce the long-awaited launch of REcoin.

Las Vegas, USA, July 28, 2017 /ChinaNewswire.com/ - REcoin is a new proprietary cryptocurrency designed for a broad range of financial transactions. It is backed by the most stable sector of the US economy, real estate. The 101REcoin Trust real estate portfolio is leveraged in USA, Canada, Japan, Great Britain, and Switzerland – countries with a proven track record of favorability to investors, where the current system of state and private insurance guarantees the utmost safety and security of any monetary transaction.

The REcoin ICO – the initial fundraising and token pre-sale stage – is scheduled for the period of August 7th 2017 till October 9th 2017, during which everyone is welcome to get acquainted with REcoin and invest. The pre-sale of tokens is not limited. However, the volume of tokens designated for sale at a discount is limited.

There are several economic and technical measures involved in support of REcoin's attractiveness as a means of payment for real estate transactions, which are going to be managed, tracked and authenticated through blockchain technology. An international team of attorneys and programmers had been working tirelessly on creating solutions for REcoin holders to allow them to enter smart contracts in real estate rent (with the addition of sales contracts later), developing the supporting eco-system, creating partnerships with various Internet platforms.

Those measures shall inevitably lead to the exponential increase of the REcoin’s investment potential. The proceeds from the initial sale of tokens are invested in the highly regulated in virtually all jurisdictions real estate market reinforcing holder/investor confidence in REcoin. Also, 83% of the mining within the next fifty years of the issue is invested in real estate as well.

A purposeful work is carried out to develop the REcoin ecosystem: the search for, creation and integration of the Internet platforms that provide services in the real estate, retail and financial markets. Point-of-sale and other businesses of any specialization can also apply for inclusion in the affiliate program. A lucrative partner program is designed specifically for the purpose of expanding the range of operations and services in real estate, for which it is financially beneficial to conduct operations in REcoin.

By the time of launch, the REcoin ecosystem will consist of/be represented by the following Internet partner platforms:

— 101rebid – an online platform for conducting auctions for the sale/lease of real estate;
— 101cowork – Internet service for finding/offering real estate services;
— 101news – a news site dedicated to real estate;
— 101influencer – a communication platform for finding common ground between advertisers and opinion leaders
— 101mls – a classified ads platform designed specifically for Realtors;
101fundit – an online platform for crowdfunding in real estate.

Source: recoin

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TiENPAY Launches Innovative Global Mobile Wallet Platform

Leading fintech firm to build top global mobile wallet clearance and settlement system; to produce 20 web films to promote usage

Shenzhen, China, July 26, 2017 /ChinaNewswire.com/ - TiENPAY Limited, a premium global mobile wallet platform, today makes the global debut of its innovative mobile wallet app: TiENPAY Wallet.

The company successfully conducted a live cross-border digital currency during a press conference in Shenzhen today to mark the global launch. The company's TiENPAY mobile iOS apps will be formally launched in August, and its Android apps will be launched in September this year.

At the same time, TiENPAY announced that it plans to produce 20 web films in the next few years to promote the usage of innovative technologies such as its own mobile wallet. The first film, a love comedy web film "Wallet", will be produced by Beijing Jinmache Film & Television Culture Communication Co., Ltd.  Preparation will begin in August and production will start in September.

"I believe today's launch of TiENPAY Wallet ushers in a new age of financial freedom and inclusion, as our innovative products integrating the most advanced financial technology will extend convenient financial services to people around the world," says William Tien, founder and CEO of TiENPAY. "We are confident that users will fall in love with TiENPAY and we will become the best global mobile wallet platform."

TiENPAY can be integrated with existing channel service providers into local merchant accounts through Point Of Sales (POS) using QR codes or EAN code scanning. TiENPAY has internal built-in clearance and settlement of cryptocurrency including Bitcoin and Ethereum through its digital exchange in Hong Kong.

The company also plans to launch its digital exchange platform in Hong Kong in August for the trading of cryptocurrency and assets such as Bitcoin. By its August launch, the exchange will allow conversion of four pairs of cryptocurrency and fiat money: Bitcoin/U.S. dollar, Bitcoin/Australian dollar, Bitcoin/Renminbi, and Bitcoin/Hong Kong dollar. The exchange will expand to allow conversions of other digital currencies, including the company's own digital tokens that it plans to launch in the near future.

TiENPAY's services are currently set to cover eight countries and regions, including the United States, U.K., Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Cambodia, Russia and India. The company has plans to expand to cover 35 countries in five years.

"I've spent years traveling around the world and always had difficulty conducting currency conversions and cross-border transactions. I thought we should have something universal so that people don't need to wait for two weeks before receiving their money," Tien adds. "TiENPAY is exactly the answer to solve these kinds of headaches suffered currently by international travelers, residents of remote places and enterprises conducting cross-border transactions."

"After years of hard work, we are glad to mark the global launch of our innovative fintech product TiENPAY Wallet," said Victor Chow, co-founder and group chief operating officer of TiENPAY. "Business and individuals will find our wallet as the most convenient option as it has the capacity to connect to more than 350 payment gateway or aggregators like Visa, MasterCard, China UnionPay, WeChat and Alipay."

Tracing its roots back to the first mobile phone mobile wallet in Australia in 1996, TiENPAY Limited is a leading global mobile wallet clearance and settlement platform. Founded by Singaporean entrepreneur and finance veteran William Tien and former Huawei executive Victor Chow, the company's operations include mobile wallet apps and a digital currency exchange. The company currently has operations in Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Australia, U.S., U.K., India and Russia.

Source: TiENPAY

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What’s New for Interop & Cloud Connect China 2017

Shanghai, China, July 21, 2017 /ChinaNewswire.com/ - Organized by UBM China, Interop & Cloud Connect China 2017 is going to take place at Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center on September 5-7, 2017.  This year, the overall scale and the quality of the event will be superior to the previous one thanks to the debut of Interop in Shanghai. Cloud computing service and solution providers and networking enterprises will congregate to meet IT leaders like CIOs and CTOs from end users in finance, e-commerce, FMCG, retail, education, manufacture, rail transit, national defense, etc. A new round of discussion over cloud computing and networking' technical innovation and practical application is definitely to be brought by eminent speakers in China and foreign countries.

Interop & Cloud Connect China 2017 will include various simultaneous activities like keynote speech, workshops, conference tracks, the enterprise CIO forum, matchmaking event, etc, which can further enhance the participation value for attendees and exhibitors. The exhibitors will both showcase the latest technical products and services and have a chance to interact with potential clients and their counterparts.

Eminent Speakers & Hot Topics
So far, many global eminent speakers have confirmed to share theirs insights and interpretation for cloud computing trend and practices at Interop & Cloud Connect China 2017. Conference tracks this year will focus on six parts: Industrial Application, Cloud Native Technologies & Practices, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, Software Defined Data Center & Cloud Management Platform, Internet of Things+ and Cloud & Network Security. Part of the speakers are like the following:

— Jacky Zhang, Strategy Development GM, LeCloud;
— Song Lin, Project Manager/Data Scientist, Petrochina;
— Chris Van Tuin, Chief Technologist, North America West, Red Hat;
— Richard Hou (PHD), Chief Cloud Strategy Consultant, Huawei;
— Shen Li, VP Engineering, PingCAP;
— Fang Li, Founder & CEO, CloudChef;
— Yuebin Shen, VP of R&D, Anchora Information Technologies, Ltd;
— Kai Zhou, Vice President, NSFocus;
— Uday Oali Pabrai, CEO, ecfirst;
— Haiming Yang, Chief Architect, JD.com.

Click here to see the updated conference agenda:

Sponsors & Exhibitors At-a-Glance
Leading brands in cloud computing and networking industry will be seen at the exhibition area at Interop & Cloud Connect China 2017 like Shanghai Yovole Networks lnc., Guangdong Hotwon Network Co.,Ltd, Beijing Big Data Group, Beijing Internet Harbor Co., Ltd., Ixia, FIBERHOME, Shanghai Cloudguarding Information&Technology Co.,LTD, OPEN01 TECHNOLOGY LIMITED, Singtel, PingCAP, Ping An Technology(Shenzhen)Co.Ltd, NSFOCUS Cloud, iTech Towers, ModuleTek, Zoho, Nubosh Technology Inc., DYXnet Group, iTrusChina Co.,Ltd., etc.

Click here and register to meet the above enterprises for free:

You can also register to attend the conferences during Interop & Cloud Connect China 2017 and the discount for conference tickets are still available till the commencement of the event. http://www.ubmconlinereg.com/CLOUD17/en/

Contact Us:
Mr. Derren Gong
(86-21) 6157 7250
[email protected]

Mr. Alex Sun
(86-21) 6157 3948
[email protected]

Ms. Kico Wang
(86-21) 6157 7241
[email protected]

Source: UBM China

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Isentia Appoints New Hong Kong GM And Expands With New Office Move

Hong Kong, July 21, 2017 /ChinaNewswire.com/ - Global leading business Intelligence group Isentia (ASX:ISD) has appointed Alex Yu as General Manager for Hong Kong. He brings decades of experience leading media sales and B2B marketing initiatives in Hong Kong and mainland China. Alex will take ownership of managing Isentia's operation in Hong Kong and continually drive the business development in the region

Alex joined Isentia as the General Manager of Hong Kong in June 2017. He has deep insight in the media sales industry, media groups and mass media, including time with Maxus Communication, HK Cable TV, and JCDecaux Texon. He worked in the advertising sales team of Asia Inflight for 10 years, leading the sales team there to formulate sales strategies and drive business development. He has rich exposure in Hong Kong and China's B2B market and media industry.

In addition, to accommodate the rapid growth in the region, Isentia has moved the Hong Kong office to a more spacious location in the same area. With the acquisition of global content marketing agency King Content and press distribution service China Newswire in the past two years, Isentia has extended its offering from media monitoring and analysis to an all-around business intelligence solutions, by adding actions on real data intelligence.

"Our growth has been so exciting and more space is critical to continue to support that growth," said David Liu, Isentia Asia Chief Executive. "Alex's extensive industry knowledge in Media  and B2B marketing are going to help us accelerate the business development, and further enhance our market position in Hong Kong."

Alex Yu said "Hong Kong is a vital regional hub with an innovative marketing culture that provides great scope for growth in real data intelligence and the move to North Point will help further integrate Isentia's client offerings in the business intelligence industry, including press release, monitoring, analysis, and content marketing strategy, execution, amplification and measurement."

Isentia Hong Kong new office address:  Unit 2503, 25/F, K Wah Centre, 191 Java Road, North Point, Hong Kong. Ph. +852 3664 2700


About Isentia
Isentia is global leading business intelligence company, providing over 5,000 clients with information, analysis and advice 24/7/365. Isentia has more than 1,100 employees across 15 countries filtering information from over 5,500 print, radio and television media outlets and over 250 million online conversations per month. Our talented people, innovative search technology, comprehensive coverage and expert research provides the tools and insight to allow our clients to manage media relationships effectively, track and analyse issues of interest across all media, and discover and share valuable insights that drive smarter decisions.

Source: Isentia

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GSMA Announces Summit Speakers, Key Exhibition Feature Areas, and New Exhibitors, Partners and Sponsors

Shanghai, China, May 24, 2017 /ChinaNewswire.com/ - The GSMA today highlighted new developments for the 2017 GSMA Mobile World Congress Shanghai, which will be held 28 June – 1 July 2017 at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC).

The GSMA provided several updates, announcing the first confirmed speakers for the conference summit sessions, introducing new feature areas and enhancements to previously announced features, and confirming additional exhibitors, sponsors and partners participating in the annual Shanghai event. “First and foremost, we are continually working to expand and enhance our attendees’ experience at Mobile World Congress Shanghai,” said Michael O’Hara, Chief Marketing Officer, GSMA. “Along with event favourites such as the Innovation City and 4YFN, we’re excited to present additional event feature areas that highlight current and future developments in mobile, such as drones, AR/VR and retail, among many others.”

First Summit Speakers Confirmed
For 2017, the Mobile World Congress Shanghai conference programme will run for three days and will be held in Hall W3 of SNIEC. In addition to the keynote sessions, the conference incorporates 12 focused summits that will explore the latest industry trends, from connected cars to network evolution to augmented reality/virtual reality and more. The GSMA today announced the first confirmed speakers for the summits: Wednesday, 28 June

Data Security Summit

Chris Blundell, Partner, Head of TMT, Brunswick Group

Liz Brandt, CEO, Ctrl-Shift

MMIX Asia Summit

Neeraj Roy, Managing Director and CEO, Hungama Digital Media Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.

Yaron Jacobs, CEO, LKF Media Ltd.

Operator Evolution Strategies Summit

Cao Desheng, Director General, China Transport Telecommunications & Information Center

Alice Ramos, Group Head for Development, PLDT

Transforming Industries Summit

James Sha, Assistant Vice President, Acer Inc.

TS Anil, Head of Global Product Solutions, Visa

Thursday, 29 June Digital Consumer Summit

Ivan Chan, Managing Director and Transformation Lead, Greater China, Accenture Digital

Anisha Singh, Founder and CEO, mydala.com

Global Device Summit

Hasan Aula, Group CEO, Erajaya

Jian (Gina) Qiao, SVP and Co-President MDB, Lenovo

Internet of Things (IoT) Summit

Chris Penrose, Senior Vice President, AT&T

Leopold Beer, President, APAC, Bosch Sensortec

Network Evolution Summit

Masanori Kondo, Deputy Secretary General, APT

Alex Jinsung Choi, Chairman, Telecom Infra Project

Friday, June 30 Connected Vehicle Summit

Mario Weltermann, Head of Innovation China, Audi

Dino Flore, Director General, 5GAA

Enterprise & The Cloud Summit

Jack You, Senior Security Director, Huawei

Wu Jian, Vice President, New H3C

Future Tech Summit

Celestino Alvarez, CEO and Founder, Adele Robots

Bill Huang, CEO, CloudMinds

Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality Summit

Alvin Wang, China President, HTC Vive

James Fong, CEO, Jaunt China

For the full details of the conference programme, including the summits, visit www.mwcshanghai.com/conference. Mobile World Congress Shanghai Feature Areas

Mobile World Congress Shanghai will cover seven halls at the SNIEC, including an “Industry Exhibition”, which addresses the requirements of business users and will be open 28–30 June, as well as a four-day “Experience Exhibition” that showcases mobile devices, gadgets, innovative technologies and entertainment and will be open 28 June – 1 July. The exhibition will include a range of event features, including:

VR & AR Zone – The VR & AR Zone in Hall E1 will showcase the world of augmented reality and virtual reality, including new accessories and industry solutions, and will enable consumers to experience AR and VR first-hand. Within the VR & AR Zone, HTC Vive will bring together a range of partners and will also host the VIVE Pavilion to demonstrate a variety of life-like virtual reality experiences.

Drone Racing Competition and Drone Zone – Building on the successful launch in 2016, Mobile World Congress Shanghai will once again host the Drone Zone in Hall E2, which will feature international drone exhibitors, such as DJI, and the latest hardware and services for both the industrial and commercial drone markets. The International Drone Expo (IDE), organised with partner EJ Krause, will bring the latest drone developments to life. In an exciting new development for Mobile World Congress Shanghai, the GSMA will host its first drone racing tournament, with pilots from across China demonstrating their skills in “first-person view” (FPV) flying.

Future Retail Zone – New for 2017, the Future Retail Zone, in partnership with Cognizant, will present a unique futuristic shopping experience where attendees can pick up what they want and purchase the item automatically upon walking out without the hassle of queuing and checkouts.

GSMA Innovation City – The GSMA Innovation City will once again take centre stage in the Mobile World Congress Shanghai exhibition, located alongside the conference programme in Hall W3. Attendees will be immersed in technology-led experiences delivered by a host of partners, illustrating how mobile-connected products and services are improving the daily lives of citizens, enterprises and governments. Confirmed partners include Guiyang City Government, HID Asia Pacific, Huawei, KT Corporation, Lenovo, myFC, PayPal, Qvantel and SI-TECH. The Innovation City will also include the GSMA Members Pavilion, which highlights how the GSMA supports its members in driving innovation, with a focus on key programmes such as Internet of Things, Future Networks, and Identity. The Pavilion will also underscore the mobile industry’s leadership role in achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

4 Years From Now (4YFN) – 4YFN will return to MWC Shanghai in Hall W2, providing a platform that enables start-ups, investors and corporations to connect and launch new ventures together. This year, 4YFN will recruit 150 innovative start-ups who will have the chance to compete in the 4YFN Shanghai Awards 2017 for the best innovative project. Companies confirmed to exhibit in 4YFN are Daegu Technopark, Hong Kong Cyberport, the Institute for Information Industry and Qualcomm Technologies, as well as a delegation of 20 company representatives from Spain.

Newly Confirmed Exhibitors, Sponsors and Partners

In addition to the event features, GSMA announced several newly confirmed exhibitors and sponsors for Mobile World Congress Shanghai, including Channel VAS, Daimler, IDT, Institute for Information Industry, Qvantel, Samsung Electronics System LSI Business, SaneChips, Verizon and vivo, among others. Companies including BiTech, China Smart City Technology, Onkyo, Snasi Electronics, The9 Education and Tiansec have confirmed their participation in the Smart City Expo at Mobile World Congress Shanghai. For more information, visit www.mwcshanghai.com/exhibition/2017-exhibitors. The GSMA also announced that QQ.com has been confirmed as an Official Media Partner, joining Mobile World Live. Strategic Media Partners include C114, CCIDcom and Communications World.

Register and Get Involved at Mobile World Congress Shanghai 2017

Registration to attend Mobile World Congress Shanghai is now open; for information on registration and pass types, please visit www.mwcshanghai.com/register-plan/register. For more information on the 2017 Mobile World Congress Shanghai, including how to attend, exhibit, partner or sponsor, visit www.mwcshanghai.com. Follow developments and updates on Mobile World Congress Shanghai through our social media channels – follow us on Twitter at @GSMA and use #MWCS17, get regular updates through our LinkedIn Showcase Page at www.linkedin.com/company/mobile-world-congress-shanghai, and follow us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/mwcshanghai. In China, you can follow us on Sina Weibo weibo.com/mwcshanghai or search “GSMA_MWCS” in WeChat. For additional information on GSMA social channels, visit www.mwcshanghai.com/about/contact/social-media.


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