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Isentia releases beauty trends study on 2017 China top beauty brands on digital media

All-round analysis and different levels of insights are vital for successful strategy planning

Isentia's China team recently released the “2017 Q2 China beauty trends study”. The report shows that during the second quarter of 2017 the organic buzz in the beauty sector in China's mainstream social media reached 48 million posts, 17% more than the first quarter, and the online discussion related to makeup/cosmetic products jumped four times compared with the previous quarter.

Social media has become one of the primary channels for consumers to obtain beauty and makeup information. According to NPD, 92% of makeup users get information on products from YouTube videos by online influencers. Social media marketing is the largest shift we have seen in the beauty industry in terms of driving growth. The trends study by Isentia ranked the digital presence of 51 well-known beauty brands by aggregating and filtering the organic buzz from China's major social media, including Weibo, Wechat, Q&A, blogs, forums, website and apps such as “The little Red Book” and summarized the most-recent five major skin care and makeup trends in China.

Beauty digital buzz ranking

L'Oreal and Estee Lauder are at the center of the China's beauty discussions that they were listed as number one and two in the ranking respectively.  The organic buzz of Estee Lauder is almost double of that of Kiehl's, which is at third place.  (Please view the full report for the 51 brands rank)

It's not hard to see that the result somehow reflects the brands' input in the Chinese digital marketing sector. Take L'Oreal as an example. Since 2015, the brand has been shifting its marketing focus to digital media. In 2016 the brand successfully conducted several promotion campaigns by embracing cutting edge digital marketing tactics, from cooperating with online influencers to applying live streaming and AI technologies.  (For more case studies please visit our Isentia blog section)

5 major makeup and skincare trends in China

The beauty trend 1: Pursing whitening, radiance, and glowing skin

Through the analysis we found that Chinese consumers do not only desire fair but also radiant and glowing skin. Watery glowing skin, girly skin and lustrous skin have become the hot key words used by consumers to describe their desired skin.

To promote products with hydrant and glowing effects, cosmetic brands are frequently using key words such as “Watery glowing skin” which means the skin is hydrated and full of radiance. The study reveals that in China, Estee Lauder (Micro Essence Infusion Mask) and YSL (Fusion Ink Encre de Peau Cushion Foundation, Touche Eclat Le Teint) are the brands that leverage the key words for product promotion and also receive high online discussions.

The beauty trends 2: Blurred lines between skincare and makeup

Adding skincare function into foundation is not a new concept. Since 2012, high-end makeup brands such as La Mer and Sisely's foundation products have been called “Skincare foundation” as their foundations have nourishing or replenishing properties. In 2017, “Serum/Essential oil foundation” and “Instant age rewind foundation” have become the new hot key words for foundation products.

Through buzz analysis we can see that the expectations of consumers for essential oil foundations are majorly focused on the radiance, smoothness and moisturizing effects. Currently the most discussed product is Armani “Maestro fusion makeup maquillage fusion”.

The beauty trends 3: Strong needs for shortcuts to daily beauty routines

In 2015, Su Yan Shuang (素颜霜), which is a combined product of makeup and skincare, caters to women who want the “fake bare face (伪素颜)” effect. It is a cream which modifies the skin color, improves skin texture and optimizes the skin's clarity while promoting inner radiance.

The online discussion on Su Yan Shuang during 2017 Q2 surged 15 times compared with the previous quarter. Below is the rank of the top products related to Su Yan Shuang.

The beauty trends 4: Matte as new makeup trend and hottest lipstick colors 

In 2017 Q2, the organic buzz volume on “matte makeup” soared by 16% compared to Q1. As opposed to shimmer, glow, or shiny makeup, matte makeup is a kind of makeup that creates non-greasy and natural look. It is void of any excess oils, and has more velvety finish that pulls light inward, often with a powdery texture.

Based on the analysis of consumer discussions on lipstick products, we can see the change of the trend. The top 3 hottest lipstick colors by Chinese neitizen's discussions in Q2 are matte, pink and red. Compared to the last quarter, colors such as “mermaid color” and “peach blossom red” that were popular due to the popular TV dramas are gradually diminished due to the finish of the show.

The beauty trends 5: Social media slang in beauty emerged as hot communication language

When online influencers and social media key accounts are reviewing beauty products, they like to use social media words or nick-names of the products. As more brands are tapping into social media marketing, they tend to use “beauty slangs” and adapt the similar tone of voice for content creation to better engage with their consumers online. Isentia beauty trend study lists the recent hottest beauty slang with explanations. For example, the hottest and commonly used word is "Zhong cao 种草" (plant weeds), which refers to product recommendation shared by KOL or netizens to stimulate the intention of purchasing. The most co-mentioned products with “Zhong cao” is lipstick, followed by eye and facial makeup, and then skin care products.

Another word “Kong Ping 空瓶” (empty bottle), which means use out the product, is often appears at the product evaluation related post. Many China beauty influencers are posting content with themes such as “Kong Ping Ji 空瓶记” (Summary of Empties) for product review content.

Renie Zhang, Isentia associate insight director, said, “by pinpointing and understanding the trendy hot key words, brands can adjust their social media listening plans accordingly to better identify consumers insight for business actions. Social media is rapidly changing the way beauty brands connect and communicate with consumers. The Chinese post-80s and 90s generations have become the core consumers of beauty products, and they are also active social media users. At least half of their purchase decisions are based on word of mouth, with social media having a major impact on their entire purchase journey. By understanding market trends, consumer presences, identify personas and influential promotion channels, brands can leverage social media analysis and obtain different levels of insights.

To download the full report, please visit: https://www.isentiawire.com/cn/whitepaper-beautytrendstudy

About Isentia
Isentia (ASX:ISD) is APAC's leading integrated Media Intelligence, Insights and Content Marketing business, empowering more than 5,000 clients in 12 countries to connect the dots between data and decisions. Isentia blends marking-leading monitoring experience with analytics to help the world's biggest brands uncover the whole picture – and act on it. Powered by cutting-edge technology and a team of world class experts, our mission is to help businesses leap forward where only genuine insight can take them. To find out more about how we inform better decisions, please visit www.isentia.com

Source: Isentia

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China Money Network Announces Accomplished Publisher Naveet McMahon Has Joined The Fast-Growing Tech Company As Managing Partner

With nearly 20 years of Greater China media experience, Ms. McMahon is a highly respected executive in the media and tech sector.

Hong Kong, China, October 26, 2017 /ChinaNewswire.com/ - Nina Xiang, Managing Editor and Founder of China Money Network Limited, the artificial intelligence (AI)-powered platform tracking China’s smart investments and technology innovation, today announced an important new addition to the company's founding team.

Naveet McMahon, will be joining CMN as managing partner and part of the company's founding team, with effect from October 26, 2017. She will play a leading role in CMN’s overall business development strategy and accelerate the company's expanding presence globally, with the aim to making CMN the go-to source for cross-border investment opportunities in China using its bilingual data intelligence.

”We are extremely pleased to welcome Naveet McMahon on board given her reputation and experience doing business within the Asia Pacific region," says Nina Xiang, founder and managing editor of CMN. "With Naveet's extensive knowledge in the financial and data intelligence industry, we are confident that she is the right person to lead CMN to new heights."

Before joining CMN, Ms. McMahon was the Publisher and Director of Sales, Asia-Pacific at Remark, the market research and events division of Acuris, formerly Mergermarket Group. Prior to that, she held management roles at both FinanceAsia under the Haymarket Group and Euroweek at Euromoney Institutional Investor based in Hong Kong.

Commenting on the move, Ms. McMahon says: "I'm looking forward to working closely with the CMN team of experts to develop new products and manage a new-generation information portal powered by the latest cutting-edge AI technology. By leveraging my experience in financial bespoke research and marketing strategies in Asia Pacific, I believe we can offer unparalleled innovative solutions, ahead of other data sources."

At the same time, CMN announces that the company has expanded their team of advisors consisting of some of the industries top experts from the region. They include: Trevor Rowe, AO, Chairman (formerly Executive Chairman) of Rothschild Australia Limited; Fritz Demopoulos, co-founder of Chinese online travel search engine Qunar.com; and Andrew Toeh, founder of Chinese venture capital firm Ameba Capital.


Founded in 2011, CMN connects the data points to give investors the tools to execute deals in China and beyond. By tracking forward-looking private equity, venture capital and technology innovation we deliver immediately usable data.

CMN's core products include bilingual platforms www.chinamoneynetwork.com and www.zhongguojinrongtouziwang.com, innovative databank on China's cross-border deal, private equity, venture capital and technology innovation. Other services include: customized market research, podcasts, videos, rankings, awards and bespoke events.

CMN is headquartered in Hong Kong and operates from offices in Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Hangzhou and Los Angeles. We are an independent business owned by our founding team and employees.

Source: China Money Network

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Global Mobile Wallet Pioneer TiENPAY Launches Initial Coin Offering

The T8Coin ICO will fund the development of Xtopp, TiENPAY's media, finance, collaboration and royalty disbursements platform. TiENPAY announces formal launch of a digital currency exchange in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong, August 28, 2017 /ChinaNewswire.com/ - TiENPAY Limited, a pioneer financial technology firm that offers a global digital mobile wallet, clearance and settlement platform, announces that it has launched its T8Coin initial coin offering (ICO). The offering, from which investors can purchase TiENPAY's proprietary T8Coin tokens with attractive investment return prospects, will fund the company's development of an innovative blockchain-based royalty disbursement platform.

At the same time, TiENPAY is officially launching a fully licensed digital currency exchange in Hong Kong today, in partnership with Chinese financial firm, Baixin Financial Group Ltd. The exchange will allow the trading and conversion of four pairs of cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies, including Bitcoin/US dollar, Bitcoin/Australian Dollar, Bitcoin/CNY, and Bitcoin/Hong Kong dollar.

"I'm excited to announce that TiENPAY's ICO has so far received strong investor enthusiasm, because our T8Coins are to fund a smart contract-based media and loyalty disbursement project that is expected to return handsomely for our token holders," says William Tien, founder and CEO of TiENPAY. "In addition, the launch of the Hong Kong digital currency exchange pushes us one step forward in realizing our mission of creating a global and ubiquitous omni-channel financial platform offering hassle-free access to digital goods and services."

"We are excited to partner with leading fintech company TiENPAY to launch the Hong Kong digital currency exchange," says Liu Ziwei, Managing Director of Baixin Financial Group. "The exchange will benefit the fintech community in Asia to convert cryptocurrency and fiat currency with the convenience of just a few swipes of their fingers."

The Initial coin offering, similar to an initial public offering, is a form of crowd sale where tech companies or projects raise capital in the form of crytocurrency, usually Bitcoin or Ethereum, by issuing project tokens. Since Mastercoin announced the first ICO globally, ICOs have become increasingly popular. In 2017, nearly 90 ICOs have taken place globally, raising crytocurrencies worth US$1 billion. China's first ICO was completed last year by a project named Xiaoyi, and the market has skyrocketed since then. During the first half of this year, 64 ICOs were issued in China, raising crytocurrencies worth a total of RMB2.6 billion (US$420 million), taking over 40% of the global total.

TiENPAY's T8Coin is a crypto token that utilizes the Ethereum Blockchain and consensus network. Early investors buying T8Coins during the ICO will be entitled to receive royalties in perpetuity from 20 web films TiENPAY plans to produce in the next five years. The web films will be embedded with TiENPAY's proprietary Xtopp platform, which offers innovative advertisement and sponsorship opportunities to clients, therefore creating lucrative revenue streams that will be distributed to T8Coin holders. These web films will be distributed on China's major online video sites and other prominent distribution channels.

The ICO accepts Bitcoin or Ethereum in exchange for the T8Coin token, which represents a contractual right to receive a royalty derived from the sale of T8Coin content. T8Coin is supported by Smart Contracts that act as an escrow agreement between the T8Coin and the Investors who purchase the tokens.

"It is the first time where web film production and distribution has been combined with innovative smart contract and blockchain technology to create an opportunity to benefit discerning investors," says Victor Chow, co-founder and group chief operating officer of TiENPAY. "We expect with the completion and broad online distribution of our first movie before year-end, our token holders will be generously rewarded for their foresight in purchasing our T8Coin tokens."

Last month, TiENPAY announced that it plans to produce 20 web films to promote the usage of innovative technologies such as its own mobile wallet. The first film, a comedy thriller web film "Wallet", will be produced by Beijing Jinmache Film & Television Culture Communication Co., Ltd.  Production will start in September.

The pre-ICO, which has a maximum of 100 million T8Coins, began on August 18. The T8Coin crowd sale, with a cap of 100 million tokens, will start from September 8 to 22, 2017.  Any unsold tokens will be "burned", or destroyed.


For more information, please contact:
Maggie Wang
Asia Media Network
Email: [email protected] for more details.


Tracing its roots back to the first mobile phone mobile wallet in Australia in 1996, TiENPAY Limited is a leading global mobile wallet clearance and settlement platform. Founded by Singaporean entrepreneur and finance veteran William Tien and former Huawei executive Victor Chow, the company's operations include mobile wallet apps and a digital currency exchange. The company currently has operations in Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Australia, U.S., U.K., India and Russia.

*Important disclosure: Investors are advised to exercise caution when purchasing cryptocurrencies, and are advised to conduct their own research and come to a conclusion purely based on their own analysis. This release is distributed to inform and disclose information and may not serve in any way as defining TienPay Limited and its affiliates' legal obligations to token purchasers.

Source: TiENPAY

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InterDrone Acquired by Emerald Expositions LLC

New York, USA, March 16, 2017 /ChinaNewswire.com/ - BZ Media LLC announced today that InterDrone, The International Drone Conference & Exposition, has been acquired by Emerald Expositions LLC, the largest producer of trade shows in North America. InterDrone 2016 drew 3,518 attendees from 54 different countries on 6 continents and the event featured 155 exhibitors and sponsors. The 2017 event will be managed and produced by BZ Media on behalf of Emerald.

Emerald Expositions is the largest operator of business-to-business trade shows in the United States, with their oldest trade shows dating back over 110 years. They currently operate more than 50 trade shows, including 31 of the top 250 trade shows in the country as ranked by TSNN, as well as numerous other events. Emerald events connect over 500,000 global attendees and exhibitors and occupy over 6.7 million NSF of exhibition space.

“We are very proud of InterDrone and how it has emerged so quickly to be the industry leading event for commercial UAV applications in North America,” said Ted Bahr, President of BZ Media. “We decided that to take the event to the next level required a company of scale and expertise like Emerald Expositions. We look forward to supporting Emerald through the 2017 and 2018 shows and working together to accelerate the show’s growth under their ownership over the coming years”.

InterDrone was just named to the Trade Show Executive magazine list of fastest growing shows in 2016 and was one of only 14 shows in the country that was named in each of the three categories; fastest growth in exhibit space, growth in number of exhibitors and in attendance. InterDrone was the only drone show named to the list.

InterDrone 2017 will take place September 6 – 8, 2017, at the Rio Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, NV, and, in addition to a large exhibition floor, features three subconferences for attendees, making InterDrone the go-to destination for UAV educational content in North America. More than 120 classes, panels and keynotes are presented under Drone TechCon (for drone builders, engineers, OEMs and developers), Drone Enterprise (for enterprise UAV pilots, operators and drone service businesses) and Drone Cinema (for pilots engaged in aerial photography and videography).

“Congratulations to Ted Bahr and his team at BZ Media for successfully identifying this market opportunity and building a strong event that provides a platform for commercial interaction and education to this burgeoning industry”, said David Loechner, President and CEO of Emerald Expositions. “We have seen first-hand the emerging interest in drones in our two professional photography shows, and we are excited at the prospect of leveraging our scale, experience and expertise in trade shows and conferences to deliver even greater benefits to attendees, sponsors, exhibitors at InterDrone and to the entire UAV industry.”

More information about the show is at www.InterDrone.com. For information on exhibiting or event sponsorships, please contact Ted Bahr at [email protected] or +1 631-421-4158 x101.

BZ Media LLC is a 17 year-old high-tech media company producing industry-leading technical conferences and expositions and SD Times, the leading magazine for the software development industry.

Emerald is the largest operator of business-to-business trade shows in the United States, with our oldest trade shows dating back over 110 years. We currently operate more than 50 trade shows, including 31 of the top 250 trade shows in the country as ranked by TSNN, as well as numerous other events. For more information on Emerald, please visit www.emeraldexpositions.com.

Source: BZ Media

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Chinese Travel Insider Publication Enhances Distribution Offering


Shanghai, China, February 24, 2017 /ChinaNewswire.com/ - Thirty years ago, foreigners were coming to China for travel and leisure. Now Chinese themselves are both the biggest domestic consumers of travel and also the fastest growing segment of outbound international travel.

With this enhanced exposure to Chinese tourism, China Hospitality News, the leading online Chinese-language travel publication for over a decade, is expanding its offering to readers with free email alerts and newsletters to keep travel insiders abreast of the latest critical business news emanating from China.

Maintaining a keen eye on the machinations of Chinese tourists and inbound foreign travelers is a herculean task, and China Hospitality News stays on top of the news. The National Tourism Administration of The People's Republic of China reports that Brazil's Tourism Ministry has authorized 316 travel agencies to receive Chinese tourists in 2017, and Beijing saw 285 million tourist arrivals across all transportation modes in 2016, according to the Beijing Municipal Commission of Tourism Development. And just a few weeks ago, 51.99 million passengers traveled by train during the Spring Festival break, an increase of 8.8% from a year earlier, according to China Railway.

The new email newsletters and alert offering is located at https://www.chinahospitalitynews.com/cn/subscribe and gives subscribers timely information to make important travel industry decisions. With an eye towards hospitality, hotels, airlines, MICE, and travel industry professionals, China Hospitality News is seeking to serve travel professionals on all platforms and with all data needs.

About China Hospitality News
China Hospitality News is owned and managed by Shanghai Boshiyuan Advertising Co., Ltd, which has a history of over 10 years serving the needs of domestic and foreign partners seeking to have exclusive online media and advertising exposure. More information at http://www.boshiyuan.com.

Source: Boshiyuan

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The 15th Hong Kong – Asia Film Financing Forum Project Announcement


Hong Kong, February 7, 2017 /ChinaNewswire.com/ - The 15th Hong Kong – Asia Film Financing Forum (HAF) today unveiled its lineup of 25 outstanding film projects to be presented from 13 to 15 March 2017. The projects were selected out of over 350 submissions from 14 different countries and regions, including Australia, Bangladesh, Canada, China, Czech Republic, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Israel, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Taiwan.

This year's selections include projects by young directors developing their first feature films, with an unprecedented increase in the number of women filmmakers. Most of the films are family-driven projects that touch on contemporary social issues, while others explore topics such as non-traditional families, marriages in upheaval, and the complexities of parent-child relationships. Shortlisted projects this year also include two genres not usually seen at HAF: science fiction and gothic thriller.

As one of the most recognized film-financing platforms in Asia, HAF continues its role in connecting filmmakers and their upcoming film projects with internationally prominent film financiers, producers, bankers, distributors, buyers, and funders for potential co-production ventures.

Five Hong Kong Projects to Be Presented

This year, the shortlisted projects include five from Hong Kong: veteran filmmaker Derek CHIU Sung-kee's No.1 Chung Ying Street, a drama that examines the 1967 riots in Hong Kong; Sunny CHAN's Man on the Dragon, a comedy-drama about five middle-age men who compete in a dragon boat championship to regain the braveness and passion of lives; Impossible Split, from TOM Chung-sing, which tells the inspiring story of bowling athlete WU Siu-hong, who achieved world championship status despite being haunted by a fatal disease. The film is produced by award-winning director Adam WONG, whose films The Way We Dance and She Remembers, He Forgets both received critical acclaim, and whose project Trains in the Night was presented at last year's HAF.

The Goddess, from Sobel CHAN Ka-lok, pays homage to classic 1930s Chinese films and focuses on the issues of Hong Kong's public-education system, the lives of Mainland immigrants and conflicts between mother and daughter. CHAN's League of HK Movie Heroes was selected as one of the five finalists of the HAF/FOX Chinese Film Development Award at the 11th HAF in 2013. Completing the lineup of Hong Kong projects is Forget You, Still Love You?, about a couple whose troubled marriage finds focus again after a husband is diagnosed with a devastating illness, from co-directors Kenneth LAI Siu-Kwan and Paul SZE Pak-Lam, both of whom participated in last year's HAF with the thriller Hypnotize the Jury.

Speaking on behalf of HAF, Mr. Jacob WONG, Curator of the Hong Kong International Film Festival Society and Director of the HAF commented, "We are thrilled to receive HAF submissions worldwide with extremely high quality, offering distinct perspectives on a diversity of vibrant topics. The review process is, as expected, arduous yet exhilirating, and we are very proud of the dedication and persistence of our creative film talents."

Women Directors Shining at the 15th HAF

Nearly half of the 25 selections consist of projects from female directors, including Femme Fatale, a dark comedy about two women whose parallel lives touch and collide, the first feature from Japanese documentary filmmaker MIYAKE Kyoko; and Made in Bangladesh, the first-ever HAF project from Bangladesh, about garment workers' rights, from Rubaiyat HOSSAIN.

Other projects include Pawns With No Return, a touching story about fate bringing together an old man and a young boy, from CHEN Yi-Jung of Taiwan; I AM A BANANA!, an East-meets-West cross-cultural romantic comedy, from Honey B SINGH; and Rainbow Mountain, the second feature from Degena Yun of China, a drama about two Mongolian women from different generations whose lives cross paths throughout time and history. Degena's critically acclaimed first feature, A Simple Goodbye, was presented at the 13th HAF and awarded The Spirit of Asia Award in Tokyo International Film Festival 2015.

Two more documentaries from women directors include The Grassland of Narangerel, which examines environmental challenges in Inner Mongolia, from YING Weiwei of China; and the Israeli-German co-production Leftover Women, from co-directors Shosh SHLAM and Hilla MEDALIA.

Exploring Family Dynamics and Science Fiction Genres

Family dynamics come into focus for several projects this year, including Ten Thousand Happiness from Chinese director Johnny MA, in which the sudden divorce of grandfather from an elite family in China sets off a chain of reaction, forcing each member to evaluate their own relationships with love and happiness; Indian filmmaker Shashwati TALUKDAR's The New Wife, a Himalayan gothic thriller tale about a young bride's discovery of the secrets harboured by her respectable new family.

The Asadas, the third feature from NAKANO Ryota of Japan, a drama with humor based on an original story inspired by the photographer Masashi Asada; and Chantou, Australian director Grant SCICLUNA's gay-family drama about a couple who discover that their adopted Cambodian daughter is a victim of human trafficking.

Other projects include Restore Point from Robert HLOZ, a science-fiction murder mystery set in the future. It is the first sole Czech-Republic project feature to be presented at HAF. Also, an as-yet-untitled project commissioned by the Nara International Film Festival in Japan from director Ida PANAHANDEH and Japanese producer KAWASE Naomi, will be a free modern adaptation of a work by Shakespeare.

The HAF/FOX Project Award Presented to Drifting Lives

Sharing the same vision to encourage quality Chinese-language projects, HAF is pleased to continue its collaboration with FOX International Productions (FIP) and FOX Networks Group (FNG) Asia to present the “HAF/FOX Project Award” to suspense murder-mystery. Drifting Lives, from first-time director Danlly LI of China. The project will receive a cash award of US$10,000 (approx. HK$78,000) and a Development Contract with FOX. The award has established since 2012 to develop Chinese feature films with regional appeal, through providing support and nurture for promising scripts.

Ms. Cora YIM, SVP, Head of Chinese Entertainment and Territory Head of Hong Kong, FOX Networks Group Asia said, “With the support of HAF, we have the privilege to work with up-and-coming creative talent and being introduced to a new generation of emerging talent. We are absolutely thrilled to identify the potential cinematic storytellers who offer unique perspectives of Chinese-language cinema.” As one of the judges, Ms. Xian LI, Director of Production, Creative Development and Global Production of FOX International Productions also said that Asian cinema, especially Chinese-language cinema is one of the most significant markets for FOX. "We look forward to working with more talented filmmakers in this region to create exciting high-quality films."

Extending Awards and New Partnerships

The 15th HAF will present a total of ten awards, amounting to HK$1,372,000 (approx. US$176,700) in cash and value in-kind. HAF is also proud to announce our new sponsor, mm2 Asia Limited to present an award to encourage and support Chinese-language film projects with a cash prize of HK$100,000 (approx. US$12,900).

“mm2 excavates stories in various Chinese speaking territories, turns them into movies with both artistic and commercial sense,” Mr. Melvin ANG, Chairman of mm2 Asia Limited said. “Through collaborating with HAF, the leading film platform in Asia, we are able to meet and support new pioneers in the Asian film industry.”

HAF is also delighted to extend collaboration with iQIYI for the third year with an award to encourage and support young film talents from Chinese-speaking territories. One cash award of HK$100,000 (approx. US$12,900) will be presented to an outstanding Chinese-language feature film project with commercial qualities. Other award sponsors include Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival, China Film Foundation — Wutianming Fund For Young Talents, G2D Co. Ltd., Paris Coproduction Village, White Light Studio and Wouter Barendrecht Film Foundation.

Work in Progress Laboratory

In addition, HAF creates the “Work in Progress Laboratory” as a significant new initiative to help directors and producers securing post-production funds through meetings with distribution agents and film festival programmers. Representatives from shortlisted projects will be invited to present their work at HAF. The WIP Lab will assist interested industry professionals to set up individual meetings with them to obtain further collaboration details. The shortlisted projects will be announced later in February.

Media and Guest Accreditation for HAF

Journalists worldwide are cordially invited to join this premier film financing platform in Asia. Media accreditation will be opened for online application at http://society.hkiff.org.hk/en/press_accreditation_media.php from 23 January 2017 to 5 March 2017. Successful applicants will be given access to HAF, in addition to joining our official networking events, screenings, seminars or other special activities.

Film financiers, investors and participants can register and schedule appointments with filmmakers of the shortlisted projects at http://www.haf.org.hk/guest.php before 5 March 2017.

A complete list of the selected projects for the 15th HAF and HAF/FOX Project Award can be found in Appendix 1. For more information about HAF, please visit the official website at http://www.haf.org.hk/ and HAF Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/hafhkiffs/.


About The Hong Kong – Asia Film Financing Forum (HAF)

The Hong Kong – Asia Film Financing Forum (HAF) is widely recognized as an established film financing platform in Asia. The HAF brings Asian filmmakers with upcoming film projects to Hong Kong for co-production ventures with top film financiers, producers, bankers, distributors and buyers. Attracting more than 1,000 filmmakers and financiers from at least 35 countries and regions, around 25 to 30 projects are selected annually to participate in the three-day event.

HAF has partnered with international organisations to provide a range of opportunities to participants. Previous partners include iQIYI (China), Fox International Productions (Greater China) (US), Cinemart (the Netherlands), Asian Project Market (South Korea), Golden Horse Film Project Promotion (Taiwan), New Cinema Network (Italy) and others. Cash and in-kind awards to the value of around US$150,000 are made with support from Create Hong Kong and Film Development Fund among others.

Past participants include China's JIA Jiangke, JIANG Wen, LU Chuan and NING Hao; Hong Kong's Peter CHAN, Stanley KWAN, Ann HUI, Fruit CHAN and PANG Ho-cheung; Taiwan's TSAI Ming-Liang, WEI Te-Sheng, CHUNG Mong-Hong and Leon DAI; Japan's KORE-EDA Hirokazu, KUROSAWA Kiyoshi, KAWASE Naomi and IWAI Shunji; South Korea's PARK Chan-wook, KIM Jee-woon, BONG Joon-ho and IM Sang-soo; as well as Thailand's Apichatpong WEERASETHAKUL, Ekachai UEKRONGTHAM, Nonzee NIMIBUTR and Pen-ek RATANARUANG.

About The Hong Kong International Film Festival Society Limited (HKIFFS)

Uniting the World through Film

The Hong Kong International Film Festival Society (HKIFFS) is a charitable, non-profit and non-governmental organisation dedicated to the discovery and promotion of creativity in the art and culture of film.

Committed to the development of a vibrant film culture in Hong Kong and Asia, the Society organises two annual flagship events in March and April: “Hong Kong International Film Festival (HKIFF)” and “Hong Kong – Asia Film Financing Forum (HAF).”  “HKIFF Cine Fan”, a monthly screening programme features a variety of curated contemporary, retrospective and thematic showcases was also launched in April 2013.

Through its year-round programmes, the mission of the Society is to strengthen global appreciation of Asian and Chinese film culture and to promote inspiring films from around the world, enriching the cultural life of Hong Kong. Passionately believing in the power of films to unite cultures and generations, the HKIFFS is devoted to giving thousands of film lovers around the region direct access to the world's most inspired films all year round.

About FOX International Productions

Fox International Productions (FIP) builds upon 20th Century Fox's industry-leading international motion picture activities and upon parent company 21st Century Fox's unparalleled global media reach by aligning all the company's international film productions under one banner. FIP also complements Fox's worldwide film releases with films sourced through partnerships with international producers, filmmakers, financiers, and strategic production & distribution agreements.

About FOX Networks Group

FOX Networks Group (FNG) is 21st Century FOX's international multi-media business. We develop, produce and distribute 300+ wholly- and majority-owned entertainment, sports, factual and movie channels in 45 languages across Latin America, Europe, Asia and Africa. FNG's core channel brands include FOX, FOX Sports, FOX Life, FOX+ and National Geographic Channel. FNG's movie channels include FOX Movies, FOX Movies Premium and SCM (formerly Star Chinese Movies). Our non-linear brands include FOX Play, FOX Play+ and Nat Geo Play. These networks and their related mobile, non-linear and high- definition extensions, reach over 1.825 billion cumulative households worldwide. In addition, FNG owns and operates two production studios and produces thousands of local programming hours for its wholly owned channels and third parties.

Source: Hong Kong International Film Festival Society

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The 4th Yangzhou Cuisine Food Festival Arrives Back At The St. Regis Beijing


Beijing, China, January 12, 2017 /ChinaNewswire.com/ - The St. Regis Beijing will welcome the 4th Yangzhou Cuisine Food Festival Opening Ceremony held in Great Hall of the St. Regis Beijing on 5th January, 2017. This event is co-organised by foreign affairs office of Yangzhou city and Yangzhou State Guesthouse, aim to promoting the development of Yangzhou Cuisine.

The Yangzhou Cuisine Promotion will continue to 20th January, 2017. You can find traditional Huaiyang dishes in Celestial Court. Like “Braised shredded chicken with ham and dried tofu”, “Yangzhou pork meat patties” and “Wine preserved Crab”.

Experience an authentic Yangzhou taste made of seasonal ingredients by celebrity chef from Yangzhou. Enjoy signature traditional dishes in the captivating moment with you family in the beginning of the New Year.

About The St. Regis Beijing

The St. Regis Beijing takes its place among the finest hotels in Asia, offering timeless elegance and peerless service synonymous with the St. Regis name is positioned at the most upscale market, exemplifying luxury, elegance, and bespoke service.

Featuring 258 luxuriously appointed guestrooms and suites as lineage of the aristocratic brand, of which 102 are suites, continues with the opulent residential feel in its room style.

The St. Regis features many firsts including the first St. Regis opened in Asia Pacific and firstly introducing signature 24hrs butler service to every guest in China.

For more hotel information, please visit www.stregis.com/beijing

About St. Regis Hotels & Resorts

Combining classic sophistication with a modern sensibility, St. Regis is committed to delivering exceptional experiences at nearly 40 luxury hotels and resorts in the best addresses around the world. Since the opening of the first St. Regis hotel in New York City over a century ago by John Jacob Astor IV, the brand has remained committed to an uncompromising level of bespoke and anticipatory service for all of its guests, delivered flawlessly by signature St. Regis Butler Service. The ultra-luxury brand is set to expand its legacy to 50 hotels by 2018. For more information and new openings, visit stregis.com or follow Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. St. Regis is proud to participate in the industry’s award-winning loyalty program, Starwood Preferred Guest®, in which members can link accounts with Marriott Rewards® and The Ritz-Carlton Rewards® for instant elite status matching and unlimited points transfer.

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White Paper: Giving Face on Facebook – Managing a Winning Facebook Strategy From China


Shanghai, China, January 5, 2017 /ChinaNewswire.com/ - There are more Chinese users on Facebook than there are citizens of over 170 countries around the world. There were 52.87 million Chinese users on Facebook in 2016, and the number is forecast to grow to 54.39 by the end of 2017, according to figures from Statista (Digital Market Outlook).

With this growth comes opportunities, and Facebook has been reaping rewards in China since the middle of 2014 when it first announced the opening of an office to handle advertising from Chinese customers. As Facebook’s advertising clients increase, more Chinese businesses will want to know how to effectively utilize Facebook to reach customers outside the Middle Kingdom.

Press release distribution and media data company China Newswire has published its latest White Paper "Giving Face on Facebook – Managing a Winning Facebook Strategy" to help Chinese enterprises understand the high-level methods used to employ a profitable Facebook strategy.

“With a face towards the West for future growth, more Chinese companies want to use Facebook as a social media tool for communication and brand exposure,” says Danny Levinson, CEO of Shanghai-based China Newswire. “Many Chinese companies rely on buyers outside of China, so it’s important Chinese businesses understand and utilize their social media tools effectively to generate good return on their investments.” 

China already has its own social networks and social messaging platforms such as WeChat and Weibo, but Facebook gives Chinese businesses access to important markets outside the Middle Kingdom. Sourcing, manufacturing, and hospitality businesses inside China all rely on Western customers to build the Chinese economy.

The free Chinese-language white paper titled "Giving Face on Facebook – Managing a Winning Facebook Strategy" is available for download at https://www.chinanewswire.com/cn/whitepaper-china-facebook-strategy

About China Newswire
With a journalist database of over 30,000 records and a operational history for over 10 years, China Newswire is the leading press release distribution marketing platform in Greater China. Covering dozens of topics, including technology, finance, corporate social responsibility, transportation, travel, and education, China Newswire supports companies around the world to elevate their online visibility among Chinese media. With cutting-edge dashboard reports, superior client services, and fundamental ability to help companies expand their social media reach, China Newswire is the leader in content marketing. More information at https://www.chinanewswire.com.

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Erik Ye Named Executive Chef of Crowne Plaza Beijing Wangfujing


Beijing, China, December 14, 2016 /ChinaNewswire.com/ - Mr. Erik Ye has been appointed as the Executive Chef of Crowne Plaza Beijing Wangfujing.

As a senior international hospitality manager, Erik Ye has 26 years of extensive culinary and Food & Beverage working experience. He has had previous important positions in Sofitel Wanda hotel Beijing, Langham Place Beijing Capital Airport, and Sheraton Tianjin Binhai Hotels. Prior to being the Executive Chef of Crowne Plaza Beijing Wangfujing, he was the Executive Chef of Grand Mercure Beijing Dongcheng.

Mr. Erik Ye will be fully in charge of managing the chef team of Crowne Plaza Beijing Wangfujing, providing high quality dining experience for guests.


About Crowne Plaza Beijing Wangfujing:

Crowne Plaza Beijing Wangfujing is located in the heart of the city’s international business center along vibrant Wangfujing Avenue. The hotel serves as the areas foremost provider of contemporary accommodation, comprehensive meetings solutions and outstanding leisure venues, ensuring your stay with us is truly enjoyable.


About Crowne Plaza

Crowne Plaza Hotels & Resorts is an upscale brand located in major urban centres, gateway cities and resort destinations offering business travelers a high level of comfort, service and amenities. It is also a dynamic hotel brand currently located in nearly 50 countries around the world. Truly international, Crowne Plaza offers premium accommodation, designed for the discerning business and leisure travelers who appreciate simplified elegance combined with practicality of the latest features, as well as value for money. At Crowne Plaza, guests can enjoy 24-hour business service, wireless high speed internet access in the lobby plus fitness and leisure facilities.

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Unveiling Of Pullman Shanghai Jing An


Shanghai, China, December 6, 2016 /ChinaNewswire.com/ - Following a year-long refurbishment of the former Grand Mercure Shanghai Central, the hotel was rebranded to the Pullman Shanghai Jing An. Located in the central business district, the hotel is only a three minute walk from the railway station and main metro lines with easy access to the commercial hub, shopping and entertainment district.

Featuring 288 with guestrooms and suites which enjoy floor to ceiling glass walls and city view, the rooms are furnished with a flat screen TV, modern bathroom amenities and luxurious bedding. Dining options include Venu, an all-day dining restaurant with an open kitchen concept serving an international buffet and a-la-carte menu; and a Chinese restaurant featuring 19 stylish private rooms that offers authentic Shanghainese cuisine.

For meetings, private events and team building activities, the hotel has two ballroom and five meeting rooms that can accommodate up to 350 guests. Corporate travellers can choose to hold their private meetings at the executive club and lounge located on 27th floor. Leisure facilities include a Fit Lounge which features a fully equipped gym, a 20-metre lap pool, yoga studio and a spa which will be opening in 2017.

“Pullman Hotels & Resorts is a cosmopolitan brand that offers hyper-connected travellers an experience that combines both efficiency and wellness. The branding of Pullman Shanghai Jing An offers discerning travellers a warm sanctuary amidst the hustle and bustle of metropolitan Shanghai with its innovative design, business, fitness and restaurant facilities,” said Michel Molliet, Chief Operating Officer of AccorHotels Greater China.

In line with the launch of the Pullman Artist Playground, “The Great Spiritual Pullman" series was specially created for Pullman Shanghai Jing An by Chinese painter Qin Ming. It is the first time that Qin Ming has used the modern Gong Bi painting techniques to merge them together with traditional art expression to create live vivid images for this theme. The inspiration of “The Great Spiritual Pullman” series came from a collection of beautifully crafted Chinese style flower pots and vases. After going through a careful consideration and design, Qin Ming then created a series of the modern Gong Bi paintings based on this collection. The exhibition will be available for viewing from now until February next year at the hotel lobby.

About Qin Ming

Chinese Painter Qin Ming is trained in traditional Western and Chinese painting. He is one of the first artists to combine the unique Gong Bi techniques with a modern style. His paintings have been widely exhibited across mainland China and overseas, including the 5th Chinese, Japanese, Korean Art Show for Young Artists in 2006 and at the 5th Shanghai Art Exhibition in 2009. He is a lecturer at the Shandong Science and Technology College and he also guest lectures at the College of Fine Arts, Shanghai University.

About Pullman

Pullman Hotels & Resorts, AccorHotels’ new generation of upscale hotels, is a cosmopolitan brand that offers hyper-connected travelers an experience that combines both efficiency and wellness.

Global nomads are captivated by the brand and appreciate its business, fitness and restaurant facilities as well as its focus on innovative design.  Pullman has over 117 hotels and resorts in 33 countries in Europe, Africa, the Middle-East, Asia Pacific and Latin America.

AccorHotels is a world-leading travel & lifestyle group and digital innovator offering unique experiences in more than 4,000 hotels, resorts and residences, as well as in over 2,500 of the finest private homes around the globe.

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