Thai Vietjet announces 6 and 12 month unlimited travel passes

Thai Vietjet announces 6 and 12 month unlimited travel passes
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Following the successful launch of Hat Yai Pass and Northeastern Pass, today, Thai Vietjet is now introducing the ‘Thailand Power Pass’ – an unlimited flight pass that allows passengers to fly on Thai Vietjet’s domestic network as often as they like within 6 or 12 months.
The passes are available in two types – a 6 months pass at 12,000 baht each and a 12 months pass at 19,000 baht each. Both are NOT inclusive of taxes, fees, surcharges, and add-ons. Vietjet’s SkyFUN members will automatically receive 5% discount when sign in and purchase.
Passengers can enjoy purchasing the passes from January 8 – 31 2021 at redeemable for travel from January 15 – July 15 2021 ( blackout period of April 10 – 18 2021 ) for the 6 months pass, and January 15 – December 23 2021 ( blackout period of April 10 – 18 2021 ) for the 12 months pass .
For more information, please visit
To further support passengers’ requests during the recent outbreak of the Covid-19, the airline also recommends passengers to (1) send email request to or (2) fill E-form at or (3) contact our Line Official account at @ThaiVietjet to avoid high calls and waiting on current contact center at 020891909 at peak times. All requests will be attended to and handled as soon as possible.
Thai Vietjet is committed to providing on time scheduled flights with the highest safety complied with the standards and regulations of the relevant authorities . Vietjet also owns one of the world ’ s newest and most modern fleet with an average age of only 2 . 7 years old.
Thailand ranks 4th in the world for highest loss of tourism revenue – Official ESTA
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The following article was submitted by a public relations company representing Official ESTA, a visa application and assistance processing firm.
Thailand has one of the highest loss of tourism revenue in the world with a loss of $ 37,504 million USD. The country ranks fourth on a list complied by the company Official ESTA intended to show the financial impact the Covid-19 pandemic had on the global tourism industry. As the country with the most reported Covid-19 cases, the United States has suffered the biggest drop in tourism revenue with a total loss of $147,245 million With the country seeing less than 20 million foreign visitors in 2020, Spain has the second largest revenue loss of $46,707m France is the world’s most visited country with over 89 million tourists each year, but the impact of COVID-19 has resulted in a total revenue loss of $42,036m The Caribbean islands make up 50% of those who have suffered the highest percentage loss in GDP, with Aruba, Turks and Caicos Islands, Antigua and Barbuda, St. Lucia and Grenada all ranking in the list of the top 10 worst affected
Official ESTA has looked into the biggest revenue loss and the highest percentage of GDP lost per country to reveal which countries have been financially impacted the most by the loss of tourism caused by Covid-19. You can view the full findings here .
Travel and tourism is one of the main industries to be gravely affected by Covid-19, leaving many countries with no choice but to close their borders to tourists for months due to the global pandemic outbreak. As a result of these travel bans, huge numbers of flights and holidays were cancelled throughout 2020, leaving world tourism at an all time low.
In 2019, global travel and tourism contributed $8.9 trillion to the world’s GDP, but due to the pandemic the financial impact of Covid-19 on world tourism resulted in a total revenue loss of $935 billion worldwide in the first ten months of 2020.
So which countries have been affected the most by Covid-19?
The countries with the biggest tourism revenue loss due to Covid-19: Rank
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Never miss out on future posts by following The Thaiger . Thailand News Today | Bangkok may ease restrictions, Phuket bar curfew, Vaccine roll out | January 12
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• Starting off in the capital today, where officials in Bangkok say they may look at lifting some restrictions, despite yesterday’s reported infections going up by another 37, to a total of 1,989.
But officials say they’re optimistic about the overall situation. The BMA has announced that, provided the capital avoids any further “super-spreader” events, officials may consider lifting restrictions in coming weeks.
They’ve also revealed that patients in the first cluster visited or worked at restaurants, nightlife venues, or massage parlours in the capital. Officials are now tracing other customers or employees from those venues. Nearly 16,000 “at risk” people, who visited markets in the city, have already been tested.
• Meanwhile, down south in Phuket, bars and other entertainment venues are being told to close at midnight, according to the latest order imposed by the Phuket Governor. Restaurants can stay open late, but are ordered to stop selling alcohol at midnight. The order is effective from today until at least January 20.
Phuket also recently announced travel restrictions for arrivals on the island. Those travelling from the “highest-risk” areas within the “red zone” provinces“must now self-quarantine for 14 days” upon arriving to Phuket. That includes people arriving from Bangkok.
All arrivals are also being instructed to download the Mor Chana application and fill out the short questionnaire.
• 287 new Covid-19 infections have been reported across Thailand today, most of them from the original Samut Sakhon cluster that kicked off the latest wave back on December 20. There are currently 4,035 active Covid-19 cases. Of the 287 cases reported today, 153 were local transmissions, 125 were detected through active case finding among a mostly migrant worker community in Samut Sakhon and 9 cases were detected in quarantine facilities for those arrivingfrom overseas.
• The national police are investigating what they say is a new illicit drug cocktail suspected of being linked to 6 deaths in Bangkok on Sunday. While autopsy results declaring the cause of death have not been released yet, police say 6 people in Bangkok died on the same day apparently after consuming the drug mixture called “K powdered milk” or K Nompong, in Thai.
Police say the incident, where so many people died on the same day, and possibly from the same illicit concoction, has never happened before. 5 of the 6 people who died in the Wat Phraya Krai district were found with a white powder at the scenes.
“K powdered milk” is a combination of a variety of other illicit narcotics and an off-the-shelf sleeping tablet, according to the national police chief. The drugs are crushed up together and resemble powdered milk.
Last night police arrested a 23 years old female suspected of selling the drugs in the Sai Mai district, near the Don Mueang Airport.
We’ve got a full video about this dangerous new concoction on Bangkok’s streets at our YouTube channel.
• Health officials have formed a sub-committee to oversee the rollout of the various Covid-19 vaccines in Thailand. The team will be responsible for the overall vaccine program, including deciding priority groups.
Meanwhile the Department of Disease Control has announced that private hospitals can also go ahead with offering approved Covid vaccines, outside of the government’s free program.
In the announcement it said…. The situation with the pandemic is changing fast. We are going to see more pharmaceutical companies requesting Thai Food and Drug Administration approval and that means private hospitals will be able to provide Covid-19 vaccines.”
The Thai government has ordered 2 million doses of the Chinese vaccine, and 60 million doses from AstraZeneca. It’s understood frontline medical workers, healthcare volunteers, and high-risk groups will be the first to get the 2 million Chinese doses when the rollout begins next month.
• An angry motorbike passenger involved in a collision that injured 3 in Pattaya has attacked the driver involved in the crash. The Pattaya News reports that 3 people were injured after a motorbike drove into road barriers at an intersection on South Pattaya Road.
Emergency workers arrived at the scene to find a damaged motorbike and the injured driver and his 2 passengers. The driver had sustained injuries to his face and was bleeding heavily. Both passengers had sustained minor injuries. None of the injured have been named.
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