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Under special contract from The Economist: 30% of the project is sought from entrepreneurs in China who pretend to act on corruption, host ministers every night in the hotel


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- Entrepreneurs In China Who Pretend To Act On Corruption Are Asked For 30% Of The Project, Hosting Ministers Every Night In The Hotel
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Duane Whitney at one point became the most successful female entrepreneur in the country.
- Revealed in the book of ex-husband of Chinese woman businessman: More corruption above
Chinese billionaire businessman Desmond Shum, living in the West, heard his ex-wife Duan Weihong aka Whitney’s voice for the first time in four years. Duan disappeared in Beijing in September 2017 while the Communist Party’s anti-corruption campaign was underway. In this phone call, Duane asked Shum to stop publishing his book, which deals with entrepreneurs, on September 7. However, the publication did not stop.
According to Shum, on the pretext of cracking down on thousands of corrupt officials, Jinping allegedly eliminated those who challenged his authority and opponents. While the corrupt officers working for them remained ineffective. According to Shum’s book, ‘Red Rule: An Insider’s Story of Wealth, Power, Corruption and Vengeance in Today’s China’, the Communist Party says that if technocrats are left to work on the basis of merit, they will spread autocracy. .
Shum also referred to a hotel in Beijing that hosted three or four ministers every night by entrepreneurs. People alleged that those working for Jinping are shielded during anti-corruption investigations because they know how to follow the party’s mafia-like code of silence.
The book states that the Communist Party claims that it has no interest other than the interest of the country. On the other hand, people of the same Communist Party ask for 30% share in various projects of happening businessmen. It reveals the true face of aristocratic China built on secrets and fear, with familial ties of power and business. Party insiders believe that corruption is in the blood.
Jiabao’s close friend Whitney became the most successful entrepreneur, then disappeared
Duane Whitney was a relative of Prime Minister Jiabao. This relationship made Duane’s path easy. She emerged as a poster girl due to her story of coming out of poverty and becoming the fastest rich in the country. At one point she became the most successful woman entrepreneur in the country.
His speedy flight suffered a sudden crisis on 5 September 2017. The news came that she suddenly disappeared from Beijing. A day before that, she was finalizing a project worth Rs 18,000 crore. Even before Jinping became president in 2012, there was an anti-corruption campaign. Then 15 lakh officers were punished.

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