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Unique “Jane” newspaper strip reference folder, compiled by Mike Hubbard, surfaces on eBay


Comic artist Michael Hubbard‘s personal Art Reference Folder, used in the creation of his Jane newspapers trips for the Daily Mirror comic strips, is currently up for sale on eBay. The seller, Art Prestige Studio, purchased the folder, featuring sample comic strips of “Spotlight on Sally”, drawn by Arthur Ferrier, “Rip Kirby”, “Judy” and “Paul Temple” following the passing of Michael Hubbard, aka Mike Hubbard, back in 1976, and a house clearance in Kent. “Michael Hubbard was the ‘Jane’ artist that followed Norman Pett,” the seller notes. “In our opinion… the best ‘Jane’ artist ever.” The majority of reference comic strips are “Spotlight on Sally”, drawn by Arthur Ferrier, the folder itself marked “Sally”. The comic strips are pasted onto cards in most cases but there are plenty of loose newspaper strips. There are approx. 67 items/ pages/ cards/ paper strips, loosely gathered within the folder. It’s suggested the folder was started in the 1940s and was a working Artwork reference for Mike Hubbard ) , whose credits also span Knockout, Ranger and more during a career that began in the 1930s as an illustrator, Hubbard took over “Jane” from Norman Pett as the strip’s artist in 1948, after becoming his assistant in 1946, and drew it until it finished in 1959. Arthur Ferrier was an acknowledged artist and forerunner of Daily Mirror‘s “Jane”, with his previously successful “Spotlight on Sally” strip. The folder is packed with ‘girlie’ artwork by Arthur Ferrier which would have been useful for the “Jane” artist as invaluable reference. “Clearly Ferrier’s work was the biggest inspiration for Michael Hubbard,” the seller notes. Priced £175 as a Buy It Now item, the Jane Artist – Michael Hubbard – Art Folder – Card/Pages Newspaper comic strips lot is listed here Titan Books The Misadventures of Jane collection, edited by David Leach, is available here for an eye-watering price from AmazonUK (Affiliate Link) Charts some of the cartoon (mis)adventures of Britain’s first and best-loved World War 2 pin-up – the scintillating, blue eyed, blonde-haired, clothes-phobic cartoon legend that is Lady Jane Gay. This collection features two full strips (no pun intended) – “N.A.A.F.I. Say Die!” and “Behind the Front”, first published during the second world war, and some bonus features from the magazine Jane’s Journal, including pin up art and an eight page full colour adventure. With thanks to to Richard Sheaf for spotting this Categories: British Comics - Newspaper Strips , Comics , downthetubes Comics News , downthetubes News

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